Terry Dubrow's Candid Account on Quitting the Weight Loss Drug

Exploring a Surgeon's Journey Beyond a Weight Loss Drug.

by Nouman Rasool
Terry Dubrow's Candid Account on Quitting the Weight Loss Drug
© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In a surprising revelation, Terry Dubrow, famed for his role on "Botched" and "Real Housewives of Orange County," has opened up about his decision to cease using the weight loss drug Ozempic. The 65-year-old plastic surgeon, who recently made headlines with a striking new hairstyle, delved into his experience with the drug during the promotion of Botched's eighth season alongside colleague Paul Nassif.

Initially a strong advocate for Ozempic, commonly prescribed for type 2 diabetes, Dubrow shared with Page Six his journey with the medication. Despite its efficacy in weight management, he encountered several side effects that led him to reconsider its usage.

"It really took all the joy of eating away," Dubrow expressed, emphasizing his desire to regain his appetite and savor food once again.

Ozempic's Trade-Offs

The decision to stop using Ozempic wasn't easy, especially since Dubrow didn't have significant weight to lose.

"I've tried it. I thought it was amazing," he admitted. His primary motivation stemmed from a curiosity to understand the drug's impact on non-diabetic individuals with minor weight loss goals. Yet, he faced an unexpected trade-off: rapid weight loss accompanied by low-grade nausea and a diminished interest in food.

As the festive season approached, Dubrow's longing to indulge in culinary delights grew stronger, leading to his decision to quit Ozempic. He yearned for a 'food vacation' – a chance to relish eating once again. Dubrow also highlighted a critical caveat of Ozempic usage: its incompatibility with alcohol consumption.

"You can't drink on it," he warned, citing serious risks like hospitalization due to pancreatitis. Despite ceasing its use, Dubrow maintains a high regard for Ozempic, labeling it a 'miracle' and 'the biggest breakthrough in medical history.'

Nassif, his Botched co-star, echoed this sentiment, suggesting potential longevity benefits. However, both surgeons observed a new trend in their practice: an influx of patients dealing with sagging skin following rapid weight loss from Ozempic use.

Dubrow, drawing from his professional experience, advises those on the medication to maintain a balanced exercise regime and increase protein intake. As Botched continues to captivate audiences with its ninth season premiering on January 18, Dubrow's personal experience with Ozempic provides a nuanced perspective on the complexities of weight loss and the importance of informed decision-making in health matters.