Chris Sununu Noncommittal on Haley's Post-South Carolina Race Plans

Haley's Campaign Faces Crucial Test in Upcoming Primaries

by Zain ul Abedin
Chris Sununu Noncommittal on Haley's Post-South Carolina Race Plans
© Jemal Countess/Getty Images

In a recent interview on NBC News' "Meet the Press," New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, a staunch supporter of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley's presidential bid, tactfully evaded questions about the future of Haley's campaign should she fail to clinch victory in the upcoming South Carolina primary.

Moderator Kristen Welker pressed Sununu on whether Haley's campaign could sustain momentum if she does not secure a win in her home state. Sununu, focusing on the immediate future, responded, "That’s a month away. To be honest, not even looking at that right now.

I’m looking at the next 72 hours. We’re going like gangbusters. She’s crisscrossing the state. She’s hitting every voter. She’s going everywhere."

Sununu Sidesteps Strategy Query

Despite Welker's further inquiries about Haley's need to reassess her campaign post-South Carolina, Sununu remained noncommittal, emphasizing the importance of evaluation after each state's results but avoiding a direct response about Haley's specific strategy.

This interview followed Haley's confident assertion on CBS' "Face the Nation" regarding her prospects in South Carolina. "I won twice as governor," she declared, bolstering her confidence in winning the upcoming primary. The political landscape further intensified with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, once a presidential contender himself and appointed by Haley to his Senate seat in 2012, recently endorsing former President Donald Trump.

Haley, addressing a rally in New Hampshire, expressed her disappointment in Scott's decision, stating, "Tim Scott doesn’t matter," a sentiment echoed by Sununu during the "Meet the Press" interview.

Sununu Adjusts Expectations

Sununu, who had previously predicted a landslide victory for Haley in New Hampshire, has recalibrated his expectations, suggesting that even a strong second-place finish in the state would be advantageous for her campaign.

As the New Hampshire primary looms, Sununu highlighted Haley's strategy to "build on momentum" from this critical juncture. He pointed out Haley's challenge to Trump in New Hampshire and her familiarity with the political terrain in South Carolina.

"She knows how to do it on the ground, and people don’t realize that South Carolina isn’t next week - it’s like three or four weeks away, and Nikki is going to have a lot of time to build on the momentum she’s already created," Sununu concluded, underlining the significance of the upcoming primaries in shaping the trajectory of Haley's presidential campaign.