SNL Skewers Trump's Legal Troubles and 2024 Campaign in Season Premiere

SNL returns with sharp wit in its latest episode

by Zain ul Abedin
SNL Skewers Trump's Legal Troubles and 2024 Campaign in Season Premiere
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The iconic sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" returned for its 2024 season, offering a satirical take on former President Donald Trump's current legal challenges and his position in the presidential race. The opening skit, set outside a fictitious New York City courtroom, featured Chloe Fineman portraying Trump's lawyer, Alina Habba.

Fineman humorously depicted Habba's inexperience, highlighting the unusual dynamics of Trump's legal team. Fineman's character expressed a clear lack of confidence, jokingly stating, "I am new at this and learning." The sketch also referenced Trump's recent defamation trial in New York City, involving advice columnist E.

Jean Carroll. The jury was tasked with determining Trump's financial liability after a prior conclusion that he had sexually abused Carroll and later defamed her, allegations Trump vehemently denies.

SNL's Trump Parody: Legal Mockery and Election Taunts

James Austin Johnson, impersonating Trump, soon entered the scene, humorously critiquing his legal representation.

He joked about the quality of his lawyers, acknowledging their perceived inadequacies, and sarcastically remarked about leading the presidential race despite having such a team. The sketch continued with Johnson's Trump violating a gag order imposed in a separate civil fraud trial by commenting on the judge and the trial proceedings.

This part of the sketch alluded to an actual $10,000 fine Trump received for violating a similar order. The focus then shifted to the 2024 election, where Trump, depicted as the Republican frontrunner, humorously belittled his opponents, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley.

Johnson's Trump boasted about his Iowa caucus victory and mockingly congratulated DeSantis on his poor performance, while also acknowledging Vivek Ramaswamy's withdrawal and endorsement.

SNL: Trump's Controversial Reflections

The skit touched on Trump's comparison to President Biden, with Johnson's character making a controversial joke about Biden's behavior and referencing a notorious video involving Trump and Jeffrey Epstein from 1992.

Wrapping up the nearly five-minute segment, Johnson's Trump reflected on his campaign strategy, emphasizing his avoidance of debates and relying on his strong voter base. The sketch concluded with a humorous yet ominous prediction for 2024, with Trump's character hinting at possible jail time, a presidential victory, or a scenario akin to "The Purge." "Saturday Night Live's" cold open deftly combined humor with contemporary political events, providing viewers with a satirical yet insightful commentary on the current state of American politics.