SNL 'Weekend Update': Biden-Trump Duel as 'Elder Abuse'

SNL's Witty Take on Political Gaffes Sparks Debate

by Zain ul Abedin
SNL 'Weekend Update': Biden-Trump Duel as 'Elder Abuse'
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In a notable return to the "Weekend Update" desk of Saturday Night Live, seasoned hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che navigated the currents of political satire, with Jost particularly perplexed by the seemingly cyclical nature of time in the political arena.

"Here we are in 2024, but does it really feel like it?" Jost queried the audience, articulating a sense of déjà vu as Donald Trump and Joe Biden prepare to clash again. The sentiment echoed a reluctance to revisit the tumultuous year of 2020, with Jost humorously suggesting that the very notion defies logic.

He empathized with the audience's potential confusion, acknowledging a shared sentiment.

Election Concerns: Elder Abuse?

Jost's commentary didn't spare either of the political heavyweights. He recounted a recent gaffe by President Biden at a rally, where Biden admitted to being 'mixed up' after claiming to have photographed with a non-existent woman.

Following this, Jost brought up an incident involving Donald Trump, who apparently muddled Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi. These senior moments from both leaders fueled Jost's comedic yet pointed concerns. Raising a more serious issue beneath the humor, Jost candidly questioned the wisdom of proceeding with the election, likening the situation to 'elder abuse.'

He shifted the responsibility from the politicians to the public, suggesting a collective accountability for such a scenario. Jost's comparison of the political contest to the controversial 'Bumfight' videos was poignant. He reminisced about how society once condoned such distasteful entertainment and expressed hope for a more considerate approach towards the aged candidates.

SNL's Humorous Resolution

Jost's solution was tinged with both humor and compassion. He proposed humorously declaring victory for both Trump and Biden, acknowledging their efforts and suggesting a well-deserved rest, a comment that straddled the line between satire and genuine concern for the welfare of the nation's senior political figures.

This return of Jost and Che to SNL's "Weekend Update" highlights their ability to blend humor with insightful commentary, reflecting on societal attitudes and the political climate, and doing so in a manner that resonates with a wide audience, making the segment a must-watch in today's ever-evolving political landscape.