Pedro Pascal Amazed by Stunning 'Freaky Tales' Stunt

Exploring Behind-the-Scenes Magic in 'Freaky Tales'.

by Nouman Rasool
Pedro Pascal Amazed by Stunning 'Freaky Tales' Stunt
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

In a recent captivating discussion at the Sundance Film Festival, Pedro Pascal, the renowned actor from "The Mandalorian," shed light on his experience filming the upcoming crime thriller "Freaky Tales." He expressed his astonishment at a particularly daring stunt in the film, which he described as a remarkable feat of modern filmmaking.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Pascal delved into a scene featuring his character, Frankie LaCroix, a seasoned fixer. In this scene, LaCroix witnesses an extraordinary stunt executed by co-star Jay Ellis. While Pascal remained tight-lipped about the details to avoid spoilers, he teased that the stunt involved a multi-level setup, with Ellis performing a gravity-defying act in a meticulously crafted sequence.

Pascal's On-Set Astonishment

Describing his on-set experience, Pascal recounted his amazement at seeing the stunt unfold in real-time, sans the typical use of wires or green screens. "I walked in, and bodies were falling down the stairs.

Yet, in another room, Jay was executing this seemingly impossible feat – it was all happening live," he shared. Pascal's admiration for the stunt team and Ellis's commitment was evident as he spoke about the intense pressure of filming such a complex scene amidst the ongoing production.

"Witnessing the difficulty and yet the perfection of that moment was just mind-blowing. It makes you appreciate the lengths they go to create something so riveting," he remarked. He also recounted a humorous interaction with Ellis post-stunt.

"I called Jay and apologized for underestimating what he was going through. Seeing it all happen, I realized he was the unsung hero of that moment," Pascal said with a laugh. Pascal's insights provide a tantalizing glimpse into what "Freaky Tales" has in store, hinting at boundary-pushing action sequences that are set to captivate audiences.

Directed by the dynamic duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, "Freaky Tales" is poised to hit theaters on February 2nd, promising a cinematic experience that blends thrilling action with top-notch performances. This eagerly anticipated film is not just a testament to the actors' skills but also a showcase of the evolution and ingenuity in contemporary action filmmaking.

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