Ramaswamy Joins Trump as 2024 Surrogate, Declares: 'Lead Us to Victory'

Biotech Mogul's Surprising Political Shift Shakes GOP Landscape

by Zain ul Abedin
Ramaswamy Joins Trump as 2024 Surrogate, Declares: 'Lead Us to Victory'
© Brandon Bell/Getty Images

In a dramatic turn of events, Vivek Ramaswamy, the biotech entrepreneur and conservative commentator, ended his 2024 presidential campaign and, in less than 24 hours, endorsed former President Donald Trump. This endorsement, announced in Atkinson, New Hampshire, marked a significant shift in Ramaswamy's political trajectory and redefined his role in the Republican landscape.

Ramaswamy, who had positioned himself as the most Trump-aligned "America First" candidate in the GOP field, seamlessly transitioned from a presidential hopeful to a fervent Trump surrogate. In his speech, he emphatically declared the need for a leader who would champion the United States amidst a perceived internal war against a "fringe minority" opposing the country's values.

Rift to Alliance

Trump reciprocated this support, lauding Ramaswamy as a "fantastic guy" with "tremendous ideas," hinting at a long-term collaboration. This newfound alliance was a stark contrast to their recent interactions, where Trump had accused Ramaswamy of "deceitful campaign tricks."

Ramaswamy's endorsement comes after a campaign that saw a surge in popularity, particularly after the first primary debate. He was notably steadfast in his support for Trump, even suggesting keeping him as an adviser or vice president if elected. His polling peaked at around 11%, surpassing notable figures like Chris Christie and Mike Pence.

However, Ramaswamy's strategy began to shift. He started portraying Trump as a "wounded" soldier, urging voters to support him as a means to protect Trump from the "deep state's trap." This approach, including a campaign move where he distributed shirts reading "Save Trump, Vote Vivek," led to a brief rift with Trump just before the Iowa caucuses.

Campaign Suspension Decision

Despite this, Ramaswamy quickly aligned himself with Trump following the latter's victory in Iowa, expressing his intention to support Trump's campaign vigorously. He acknowledged that while his campaign didn't achieve the desired impact, he remained committed to the "America First" agenda.

Ramaswamy's campaign was marked by extensive grassroots efforts, particularly in Iowa, where he held over 300 events. Despite his determination to continue through the general election, his support waned, leading to his decision to suspend his campaign.

Looking forward, Ramaswamy remains open to future political endeavors, including a potential 2028 run. He emphasized the enduring nature of the "America First" movement and his commitment to advancing this agenda, irrespective of his political ambitions. For now, his focus is firmly on supporting Trump's presidential bid, signifying a significant alliance within the Republican Party.