Jacob Elordi Honors Oscar-Winning 'Euphoria' Fan

Jacob Elordi Drops Hints on 'Euphoria' Season Restart

by Zain ul Abedin
Jacob Elordi Honors Oscar-Winning 'Euphoria' Fan
© Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jacob Elordi, celebrated for his remarkable portrayal of high school football star Nate Jacobs in the critically acclaimed series 'Euphoria,' dropped a bombshell, revealing none other than the iconic Leonardo DiCaprio as the most prominent admirer of the show.

Elordi, who graced the talk show after securing two coveted BAFTA nominations for his outstanding performance in the film 'Saltburn,' engaged in an intriguing conversation about 'Euphoria' with Jimmy Fallon. Curiosity piqued, Fallon inquired about the show's most distinguished fan.

To everyone's surprise, Elordi nonchalantly responded with a name that commands universal admiration, "The biggest one is Leonardo DiCaprio. Which sounds like a crazy name-drop and it is a crazy name-drop." The Australian actor then regaled the audience with a captivating anecdote.

He recounted a chance encounter with the Oscar-winning legend at a club when he was considerably younger, where DiCaprio personally expressed his affinity for 'Euphoria.' Fallon, in awe of the revelation, didn't mince words, declaring DiCaprio as "one of the greatest actors of all time." Elordi, in complete agreement, referred to him as the "GOAT" (Greatest of All Time).

Season Restart Insights

While the revelation of DiCaprio's admiration for 'Euphoria' was undoubtedly the highlight of the interview, the conversation took an exciting turn when Fallon inquired about the highly anticipated restart of the show's production for its next season.

Elordi, however, appeared to be in the dark about the exact commencement date, humorously admitting that if it takes too long, they might need to resort to some miraculous age-reversing techniques. "I hope it'll be soon, or they'll have to Benjamin Button me or something," he quipped, adding a touch of humor to the discussion.

Furthermore, Elordi hinted at the direction the upcoming season might take, emphasizing the need for the storyline to progress organically. He expressed concerns that failing to do so might result in the show appearing disjointed and disconnected from its previous narrative.

In this exciting revelation, 'Saltburn,' the film where Jacob Elordi assumes the role of Felix Catton, has also been making waves in the entertainment industry, securing multiple nominations at the prestigious BAFTA awards.

As Elordi continues to captivate audiences with his talent, 'Euphoria' enthusiasts eagerly await further updates on the show's next season.