Tom Parker widow Kelsey Discusses Emotional Bond with Wedding Ring


 Tom Parker widow Kelsey Discusses Emotional Bond with Wedding Ring
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In a deeply moving conversation on ITV's "Lorraine," Kelsey Parker, widow of The Wanted star Tom Parker, shared her journey of grief and growth since the untimely passing of her husband. Tom, who bravely battled stage four glioblastoma brain cancer, passed away on March 30, 2022, at the age of 33.

Kelsey, now a single mother, has been navigating the challenges of raising their two young children, Aurelia, four, and Bodhi, three, while dealing with her profound loss. During the heartfelt interview, Kelsey revealed her decision to stop wearing her wedding ring, a symbol of her enduring love for Tom.

She expressed how the ring, while a reminder of their beautiful years together, also signified the painful reality of Tom's absence. "We were soul mates, we achieved so much together in those years," she reflected. "I am married to Tom but not in this lifetime now because he is not here anymore.

I was looking down at it and thinking about the happy times, but it also reminded me that he's not here."

Embracing Life Post-Tom

Kelsey's poignant words captured the essence of moving forward while honoring the past. Guest host Christine Lampard inquired about the prospect of finding love again.

Kelsey, acknowledging her age of 33 and her role as a mother, emphasized the need to love herself more, reflecting on her life with Tom and her transition into single parenthood. Celebs Go Dating expert Paul Carrick-Brunson, also a guest on the show, advised Kelsey on her future relationships, emphasizing the importance of openness and emotional sharing.

Kelsey acknowledged this advice, citing the lessons she learned from Tom. "Tom has given me these opportunities, and he's taught us that we only have one life, and we have to live it to the fullest," she shared. In November 2022, Kelsey briefly found companionship with electrician Sean Boggans, eight months after Tom's death.

However, their relationship has since ended. As Kelsey continues her journey, her strength and resilience serve as an inspiration to those who have experienced similar losses, reminding us of the power of love and the courage to move forward.