Jason Momoa on His Idols and Passions

Exploring new horizons, Jason Momoa unveils his latest project.

by Nouman Rasool
Jason Momoa on His Idols and Passions
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Hollywood’s multi-faceted star Jason Momoa recently delved into his personal and professional journey in an intimate discussion about his new unscripted travel series, "On the Roam," premiering January 18th. In a conversation with Variety, Momoa opened up about the inspiration behind the series and his pursuit of diverse interests.

“'On the Roam' is essentially a reflection of all that I adore – a celebration of people I respect and the activities that I cherish," Momoa said. The series, which allows viewers an inside look at various cultures and lifestyles, is a departure from conventional travel shows.

Momoa emphasized the personal connection he experienced with the individuals he met during filming. “It’s beyond travel; it’s about these incredible people sharing their lives with me, revealing their unique journeys, which I found profoundly honoring,” he explained.

Universal Series Connection

Momoa also discussed the universal relatability of the series. “Regardless of where you come from, there’s always a point of connection, a shared vibe,” he remarked. “Our time here is fleeting, and it’s crucial to embrace, learn from, and connect with each other”.

This eight-episode documentary series is Momoa’s latest foray into unscripted television, following his co-creation of "The Climb" on Apple TV+ and hosting Discovery’s Shark Week. He hinted at more reality-based projects in his future.

Reflecting on his previous endeavors, including climbing, Momoa acknowledged the challenges and personal exposure involved in reality TV. “It’s revealing and daunting, as I grapple with how much of myself I want the world to see,” he admitted.

Filming "On the Roam" was a journey of self-discovery for Momoa, who realized he still has much to achieve. “The series is a glimpse into my life on days off, but it’s also a realization that I haven’t mastered any one thing,” he shared candidly.

“I’m somewhere between a C+ and B- in many areas, but my passion lies in exploring a spectrum of interests, rather than perfecting just one”. Momoa’s humble yet passionate narrative in "On the Roam" offers a unique perspective on the life of a celebrity who is continuously exploring, learning, and evolving, both on-screen and off.