DeSantis Acknowledges Flawed Media Approach in Campaign Start

DeSantis Reflects on Campaign Hurdles, Alters Media Tactics

by Zain ul Abedin
DeSantis Acknowledges Flawed Media Approach in Campaign Start
© Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has candidly expressed a significant shift in perspective regarding his media approach during his presidential campaign. With an openness to self-reflection, DeSantis acknowledges a strategic misstep: overly relying on conservative media outlets instead of adopting a more inclusive and diversified media presence.

In a recent conversation with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Ron DeSantis revealed his initial reluctance to engage broadly with the media. "I came in not really doing as much media," he said. Emphasizing the missed opportunity, he noted, "I should have just been blanketing.

I should have gone on all the corporate shows. I should have gone on everything." This realization came as DeSantis began to broaden his media reach towards the end of summer, a move that, in hindsight, he believes should have been implemented from the onset of his campaign.

Ron DeSantis Reassesses Strategy

DeSantis's initial strategy heavily favored appearances on Fox News, aligning with how he developed his national profile during the COVID-19 pandemic and even how he secured a crucial endorsement from former President Donald Trump during his first gubernatorial run.

However, the Florida Governor now critiques the conservative media space for its handling of Trump, whom he accuses of being surrounded by a "Praetorian Guard" of media that avoid holding him accountable for fear of losing viewers and ratings.

DeSantis’s campaign, which had once been perceived as a strong challenge to Trump's dominance in the Republican field, faced hurdles. Despite a concerted effort in Iowa, where he visited all 99 counties, DeSantis did not secure a single county in the Iowa caucuses.

While he argues that his second-place finish in Iowa was sufficient to continue, the path ahead remains uncertain, with the electoral map not appearing to tilt in his favor.