T.J. Holmes: Amy Robach Romance Ruined My Career

Exploring Personal and Professional Shifts in the Public Eye

by Zain ul Abedin
T.J. Holmes: Amy Robach Romance Ruined My Career
© Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

In a candid reflection on his professional journey, T.J. Holmes, the esteemed broadcast journalist, recently shared insights into how his life and career have transformed over the past year. The revelation came through Holmes' debut video on TikTok, a platform he joined alongside his partner, Amy Robach, to engage with a wider audience and share personal and professional updates.

Holmes, with over 25 years of experience in broadcast journalism, opened up about the challenges he faced when aspects of his private life, particularly his relationship with Robach, became the subject of intense media scrutiny.

This period marked a significant shift in his career, which he initially perceived as tumultuous. "It was a year of hell," Holmes confessed, describing the toll the public attention took on him, leading to his temporary withdrawal from social media.

However, with time, Holmes' perspective has shifted. He now views this period as transformative, calling it "the best year of my life" and a "blessing." This positive outlook is largely attributed to his relationship with Robach, whom he credits for bringing authenticity and fulfillment to his life.

"I've never been happier or healthier," Holmes stated, emphasizing how Robach has been instrumental in him becoming the "best version" of himself.

New Beginnings, Open Talks

Both Holmes and Robach, who were previously co-anchors on "GMA3," faced termination from ABC following the revelation of their extramarital affair.

The scandal not only impacted their professional lives but also led to significant changes in their personal lives, with both Holmes and Robach divorcing their respective spouses, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig. In an unexpected twist, their former partners have reportedly begun a relationship of their own.

Amidst these life-altering events, Holmes and Robach have embarked on new ventures. They recently launched a podcast where they openly discuss their relationship, including the complexities of merging their families. Holmes, in one of the podcast episodes, delved into the challenges of balancing commitments between their children and each other.

Robach, sharing her thoughts, acknowledged that while their love has come at a cost, she remains optimistic about the future. "I have chosen love in my life," she expressed, "I’m living my truth, and I'm excited about the future."