Donald Trump Suffering Twin Poll Setbacks

Recent polling trends reveal surprising shifts in voter sentiment.

by Nouman Rasool
Donald Trump Suffering Twin Poll Setbacks
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In the latest twist to the ongoing political narrative, President Joe Biden appears to have gained a narrow edge over Donald Trump in the race for the White House, according to fresh polls. This marks a significant shift in momentum, especially considering Biden's previous trailing position behind Trump in three national polls.

Recent surveys conducted by renowned pollsters Ipsos and YouGov have shown Biden inching ahead with a lead of one to two percentage points. However, a detailed analysis by Newsweek earlier this month painted a different picture, suggesting that Trump's robust showing in crucial swing states could pave his path back to the presidency.

The political landscape was further shaped by the results of the Iowa Republican caucus held on January 15. Trump emerged victorious with a decisive 51 percent of the vote, leaving Governor Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley trailing significantly.

Following the caucus, Vivek Ramaswamy, who garnered 7.7 percent, withdrew from the race and threw his support behind Trump.

Ipsos Survey Insights

A deeper dive into the Ipsos survey, conducted from January 3 to 9 for Reuters with 3,815 registered voters, reveals Biden as the preferred choice for 40 percent, narrowly surpassing Trump's 38 percent.

This gap becomes more pronounced when considering a third-party candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., where Biden and Trump's support drops to 34 and 33 percent, respectively. The YouGov poll, involving 1,472 registered voters from January 14 to 16 for The Economist, also echoes this close contest, showing Biden with a slim lead of 44 percent against Trump's 43 percent.

Notably, Biden has a commanding lead among younger voters and women, while Trump is more popular with older voters and men. The racial divide in voter preference is also significant. Trump leads among white voters, while Biden has a strong hold over Black and Hispanic voters.

As the political temperature continues to rise, all eyes are on the upcoming New Hampshire primary on January 23. A recent poll here indicates a 16-point lead for Trump over Haley, marking a dramatic shift from earlier surveys.

Polls in Pennsylvania, a critical battleground state, also show Trump narrowly outpacing Biden, adding another layer of intrigue to this political contest. Newsweek has reached out to both Biden and Trump's camps for comments on these developments.

The evolving political dynamics, as these polls suggest, indicate a fiercely competitive race ahead, with both camps vying for dominance in key demographic and geographic battlegrounds.

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