Alix Earle's $400 Delight from NFL Beau Berrios

NFL romance blooms with Berrios' generous gesture to Earle.

by Nouman Rasool
Alix Earle's $400 Delight from NFL Beau Berrios
© Weiss Eubanks/Getty Images

In a delightful display of affection, TikTok sensation Alix Earle, 23, recently shared a heartwarming moment with her followers. The social media influencer revealed an unexpected gesture from her boyfriend, Miami Dolphins' wide receiver Braxton Berrios, 28, that left fans in awe.

In a video posted on Tuesday, Earle, comfortably nestled in bed, captured a candid moment with Berrios standing in the background. The clip, which quickly garnered attention, showed the NFL star gifting Earle a surprising sum of $400.

The influencer, known for her relatable and engaging content, playfully queried Berrios with a Southern twang, “What did I do to deserve this?” Berrios, amused by her accent, teased back, leading to a lighthearted exchange that endeared the couple to their audience.

Earle's question, “What did I do to deserve this?” repeated in her playful Southern accent, added charm to the video. Berrios, maintaining the playful mood, responded with a mysterious “I’ll tell you later,” while Earle continued to speculate, humorously suggesting it might be for being an exceptional girlfriend.

This endearing moment between the couple comes after Earle was seen cheering for Berrios during the Miami Dolphins' playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite the chilly weather, described as one of the coldest games in NFL history by the Associated Press, Earle stylishly braved the elements.

Her game-day attire included a fitted long-sleeve shirt, high-waisted jeans with leggings underneath, knee-high stiletto boots, and a custom Dolphins jacket and hat, showcasing her support and style simultaneously.

Romantic Reveal Unfolds

The couple, first linked romantically last spring, made their relationship public at the 2023 ESPY Awards.

However, it wasn't until November, during a live podcast on Call Her Daddy, that Earle officially referred to Berrios as her boyfriend. This sweet gesture from Berrios to Earle not only highlights their strong bond but also gives fans a glimpse into their playful and loving relationship.

As the couple continues to capture the hearts of their followers, this latest incident only adds to their growing popularity and the public's fascination with their relationship.