Arnold Schwarzenegger Held at Munich Airport Customs

Unexpectedly entangled, a Hollywood legend faces a customs snag.

by Nouman Rasool
Arnold Schwarzenegger Held at Munich Airport Customs
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

At Munich Airport, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary actor and former governor, found himself entangled in a bureaucratic snare. The 76-year-old star was detained for nearly three hours on Wednesday, not for a script of his next blockbuster, but over a luxury watch that sparked a customs controversy.

Thomas Meister, a spokesperson for Munich's customs office, revealed to Bild that the incident escalated into "criminal tax proceedings." The heart of the matter? Schwarzenegger's watch, a high-end piece from Swiss luxury brand Audemars Piguet, valued at over $21,000.

According to customs regulations, the watch, being an "import," required prior registration - a detail seemingly overlooked in this saga. A source close to the situation explained to Page Six that there was speculation by Munich customs that Schwarzenegger might have intentions of auctioning the watch at a charity event in Kitzbuhel, Austria.

Despite the conjectures, it was confirmed that the watch was, indeed, Schwarzenegger's personal property.

Composure Amid Chaos

Adding to the complexity, Schwarzenegger reportedly wasn't prompted to complete a declaration form upon his arrival.

However, his full cooperation with the customs officers facilitated a swift resolution to the ordeal. Despite the inconvenience, photographs obtained by Bild depicted Schwarzenegger in a composed demeanor, a testament to his character even under unforeseen circumstances.

Describing the situation, a source quipped to Bild about the comical nature of the events, likening them to a plot straight out of a humorous cop movie. Schwarzenegger, known for his calm and collected persona, did find his patience tested as the process dragged on, primarily due to technical issues with the credit card machine and the unavailability of sufficient cash at the ATM, compounded by the closure of banks at the time.

The resolution came when Schwarzenegger agreed to preemptively pay the potential taxes on his watch, despite it being his personal belonging. Finally, with the credit card machine hiccup resolved, the iconic actor was free to go, leaving behind an episode that, while frustrating, highlighted the complexities of international travel and customs regulations.

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