Sofia Vergara Talks NYC Dating, 'Griselda' on Fallon

Emmy-nominated actress Sofia Vergara dazzles during a candid interview.

by Nouman Rasool
Sofia Vergara Talks NYC Dating, 'Griselda' on Fallon
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Sofia Vergara, the renowned Colombian actress, shared her candid thoughts about New York City's dating scene in a recent appearance on NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Vergara, 51, turned heads in an elegant black sheath dress, discussing the city's vibrant energy and its diverse pool of eligible men.

"I'm single now," Sofia revealed, following her split from actor Joe Manganiello, 48, last July. She expressed enthusiasm for the wider range of choices in New York, noting the city's variety of professions beyond the entertainment industry.

"There's more people, not just actors, writers, or directors. I think there's like a bigger… I'm going to spend more time in New York," she added. Sofia's visit to the popular talk show wasn't just about her personal life; she was also there to promote her upcoming Netflix miniseries, "Griselda," set to premiere on January 25.

The series, which has been a passion project for Sofia for over 15 years, delves into the life of Griselda Blanco, one of Colombia's most notorious drug lords. Vergara shared how Blanco's gender played a crucial role in her criminal activities, as her status as a woman often led people to underestimate her.

In a candid conversation with host Jimmy Fallon, 49, Sofia also shared her discomfort with New York's cold weather, humorously contemplating canceling her world tour for "Griselda" after waking up to snow. Fallon suggested scheduling the tour in the summer instead.

"Griselda" Insights and Fun

The actress, who grew up in Colombia, revealed a personal connection to the story, mentioning that her brother Rafael was involved in similar criminal activities and was tragically killed in the '90s.

Despite being set in Miami, "Griselda" was filmed in Los Angeles under the direction of Andrés Baiz, 49, known for his work on "Narcos." Baiz played a pivotal role in guiding Vergara through the filming process, even teaching her the nuances of her character's actions, like smoking and simulating cocaine use.

During her appearance, Vergara and Fallon also engaged in a lighthearted segment called the Funny Face Filter Challenge, where they attempted to hold water in their mouths while reacting to humorous face filters. Vergara's visit to "The Tonight Show" highlighted not only her upcoming project but also offered a glimpse into her personal life and perspectives, making for an engaging and diverse conversation.

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