Judge Silences Trump Adviser Boris Epshteyn in Court

In a courtroom drama unfolding this week, Boris Epshteyn.

by Nouman Rasool
Judge Silences Trump Adviser Boris Epshteyn in Court
© Andrew Kelly-Pool/Getty Images

In a recent turn of events at the defamation trial brought by author E. Jean Carroll, Boris Epshteyn, a longstanding adviser to former President Donald Trump, faced a notable setback. Attempting to voice his thoughts during the proceedings on Tuesday, Epshteyn was promptly silenced by the presiding judge.

The scene, captured by Politico's legal reporter Eric Orden and circulated on social media, unfolded when Judge Lewis Kaplan inquired about Epshteyn's legal standing. Upon learning that Epshteyn was a member of the New York State Bar, Kaplan firmly directed him to take a seat, effectively cutting short any further involvement in the discourse.

Epshteyn's Controversial Influence

Epshteyn, known for his staunch MAGA views, has not been without controversy. His approach and influence within Trump's circle have previously drawn criticism, particularly from former Trump legal representatives.

These critics argue that Epshteyn tends to reinforce Trump's more problematic impulses. This incident is not an isolated one in the landscape of Trump's legal affairs. In September, Rolling Stone reported, citing three informed sources, that the departure of Trump's lawyer Drew Findling was partially influenced by Epshteyn.

This departure was seen as indicative of the persistent internal power struggles that have often characterized Trump's legal teams, especially during periods when Trump faces significant legal challenges. Further adding to the skepticism around Epshteyn's legal prowess, Michael Cohen, another former lawyer for Trump, expressed his clear disdain.

Speaking to MSNBC's Katie Phang in July, Cohen dismissed Epshteyn's capabilities in no uncertain terms: "So, good luck because Boris is a moron." As the trial continues, this incident highlights the ongoing complexities and internal dynamics of Trump's legal strategy and the personalities involved.

Epshteyn's role and influence within this framework, particularly in light of this recent courtroom episode, are likely to remain points of interest and discussion.