Daniel Radcliffe Endorses Quinta Brunson as Ideal Romcom Co-Star

Exploring new genres, Daniel Radcliffe reveals his latest passion.

by Nouman Rasool
Daniel Radcliffe Endorses Quinta Brunson as Ideal Romcom Co-Star
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At the star-studded 2024 Emmy Awards held on January 16, Daniel Radcliffe, renowned for his role in the "Harry Potter" series, made a striking appearance in a maroon tuxedo paired with a classic white button-down. But it wasn’t just his sartorial choices that caught the attention of the audience.

In a conversation with Variety, the actor, now a father, divulged his aspirations to delve into the romantic comedy genre, citing his recent co-star Quinta Brunson as the perfect leading lady for such a venture. Fresh off their collaboration in the 2022 musical biopic "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story," Radcliffe and Brunson have evidently formed a rapport that the former is eager to explore further.

In "Weird," Radcliffe stepped into the shoes of the eccentric musician ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, while Brunson portrayed a version of Oprah Winfrey from the '80s, demonstrating her versatile acting prowess.

Radcliffe's Rom-Com Aspirations

"I'd love to do more rom-coms," Radcliffe shared with enthusiasm.

"I did one of them once, and it was super fun. So yeah, something like that." His previous foray into the genre has clearly left a lasting impression, steering his interests towards lighter, more heartwarming narratives. When pressed about who he would like to star opposite in such a project, Radcliffe did not hesitate to name Brunson.

Their chemistry in the Yankovic biopic seems to have laid the groundwork for this potential pairing. "We should do something together," he suggested, highlighting a unique and charming detail about their compatibility - their matching heights.

Brunson, currently riding high on the success of her role in "Abbott Elementary," has not yet commented on Radcliffe's proposal. However, the idea of these two talents bringing their distinct energies to a romantic comedy is an exciting prospect for fans and the film industry alike.

As Radcliffe looks forward to exploring new genres and Brunson continues to captivate audiences with her multifaceted performances, the possibility of them reuniting on the big screen in a rom-com setting is a tantalizing thought.

Their shared screen presence in "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" has already showcased their potential as a dynamic duo, and a venture into the realm of romantic comedy could indeed be a delightful next step in their careers.

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