Elon Musk's Vegas Strip Mega-Project Expands Further

Transportation Revolution in Las Vegas Gains Momentum.

by Nouman Rasool
Elon Musk's Vegas Strip Mega-Project Expands Further
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In 2016, Elon Musk set out on a mission to tackle the relentless issue of traffic congestion plaguing metropolitan areas by venturing underground with his Boring Company. "I am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging," he boldly tweeted, declaring his unwavering commitment to this ambitious endeavor.

Fast forward to today, Musk's visionary dream has materialized in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, where his groundbreaking project continues to unfold, relieving urban traffic burdens and capturing the attention of the world.

Musk's Boring Company has achieved a significant milestone in the ongoing expansion of its revolutionary Vegas Loop transportation system. The latest development in this venture saw Musk's affiliate, Object Dash, investing a substantial $7.2 million to acquire 1.8 acres of prime real estate on Paradise Road.

Positioned strategically across from the iconic Thomas & Mack Center, adjacent to the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus, this acquisition is a strategic move that promises to bolster the innovative transportation system's reach and impact.

Vegas Loop's Central Hub

The heart of the existing Vegas Loop operation is the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop, a marvel of engineering that spans 1.7 miles of tunnel and cost approximately $47 million to construct. This tunnel network efficiently connects the Las Vegas Convention Center's new exhibit hall with its North, Central, and South halls, reducing what was once a laborious 45-minute cross-campus journey to a mere 2-minute transit.

Furthermore, the Resorts World Connector establishes a swift route between the renowned Strip hotel casino and the convention center's exhibit halls, boasting travel times ranging from 1 to 4 minutes. The overarching vision for the Vegas Loop extends far beyond the Convention Center Loop.

Currently under construction, the comprehensive network will encompass various extensions, including those leading to resorts along the iconic Las Vegas Strip, the bustling Harry Reid International Airport, the mighty Allegiant Stadium, and the heart of downtown Las Vegas.

During peak hours, the trip from the Las Vegas Convention Center to Allegiant Stadium can consume up to 30 minutes, but with the Vegas Loop in play, that journey will be truncated to a mere 4 minutes, as per the Boring Company's projections.

The recently acquired land on Paradise Road is earmarked for the University Center Loop, a strategic link set to connect UNLV directly to the Las Vegas Convention Center. This expansion is part of a broader effort to provide comprehensive transit solutions and further enhance the convenience and accessibility of the Vegas Loop system.

The grand scope of the Vegas Loop envisions a route stretching from South Las Vegas Boulevard to downtown Las Vegas, complete with an impressive 93 stations spanning 68 miles of tunnels. These tunnels, situated 30 feet below the surface, will accommodate Tesla vehicles cruising at speeds of up to 150 mph, ensuring swift and direct journeys to passengers' destinations.

Remarkably, the Vegas Loop aspires to transport a staggering 90,000 passengers per hour, while the LVCC Loop, tailored for the convention center, is designed to accommodate 4,400 passengers per hour.

Station Funding and Usage

Funding for most of the stations along these extensive routes will be provided by resort casinos and local businesses.

The LVCC Loop, which commenced operations in April 2021, has already transported over 1.5 million passengers, with a daily average of 32,000 commuters. While convention attendees can currently enjoy this service free of charge within the convention center zone, fees will be applied for travel beyond these bounds.

Anticipated pricing for trips on the Vegas Loop is set to range from $5 to $12. For example, a journey from Downtown Las Vegas to the convention center, covering 2.8 miles, will cost passengers $5, taking a mere 3 minutes.

Traveling from Allegiant Stadium to the convention center, spanning 3.6 miles, will incur a fee of $6, with a travel time of 4 minutes. Meanwhile, passengers heading from Harry Reid International Airport to the convention center, covering 4.9 miles, can expect to pay $10, completing the journey in 5 minutes.

Lastly, a voyage from Downtown Las Vegas to the airport, spanning 7.7 miles, will cost $12, with a travel time of 8 minutes, as outlined on the Boring Company's official website.

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