Poll: 72% of Republicans Back Trump as Nominee

Latest polls reveal surprising trends in GOP nominee race

by Zain ul Abedin
Poll: 72% of Republicans Back Trump as Nominee
© Scott Olson/Getty Images

In a compelling turn of events, a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll, unveiled on Sunday, underscores the robust support former President Donald Trump garners within the GOP as the party gears up for Monday's pivotal Iowa caucuses.

This poll, indicative of the political climate, reveals that 72 percent of GOP voters would welcome Trump's nomination, highlighting his continued influence in the party. The findings don't just stop at the acceptance level; approximately two-thirds of Republican voters firmly believe that Trump stands as their best shot at reclaiming the White House come November.

Additionally, the same proportion regards him as the most potent leader among the GOP contenders. This sentiment starkly contrasts with the Democratic side, where only 57 percent show similar confidence in President Biden.

Trump Leads GOP Field

Interestingly, the poll also sheds light on other potential GOP nominees.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley enjoys the satisfaction of about 60 percent of respondents, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy fall just shy of the 50 percent mark. Trump's dominance is further cemented by The Hill/Decision Desk HQ's average of Iowa polls, placing him at 53 percent among Iowa Republicans.

Simultaneously, a CBS News poll the same day echoes these sentiments, marking Trump as the frontrunner with an impressive 69 percent support among GOP voters nationwide. This is despite the barrage of legal challenges and criminal cases he faces.

More than policy alignment, about 81 percent of Republicans resonate with Trump's controversial stance on immigration and his vehement rhetoric, drawing parallels to extreme historical ideologies. However, Trump's views don't resonate universally within the GOP.

Those who don't align with the "MAGA" ideology express dissent towards his anti-NATO stance and rhetoric about political vendettas.

Strong Backing for Trump

As for the impact of the upcoming Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, most GOP voters seem unswayed, with only 10 percent considering these early contests a major influencing factor in their decision.

This reveals a deep-rooted support for Trump, with two-thirds of his supporters classifying their allegiance as "very strong," starkly contrasting the mere 18 percent among non-Trump voters. The ABC News/Ipsos poll, which surveyed 2,200 people in early January, and the CBS News poll, involving about 2,800 likely GOP voters, both have a margin of error of 2.5 percent.

These polls collectively paint a picture of a GOP electorate largely consolidated behind Trump, underlining his enduring influence and setting the stage for a highly anticipated electoral showdown.