Robert Downey Jr. Mocks Bad Reviews in Critics Choice Speech: 'Bed-Locked Fart'


Robert Downey Jr. Mocks Bad Reviews in Critics Choice Speech: 'Bed-Locked Fart'
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Hollywood heavyweight Robert Downey Jr., celebrated for his riveting performances, clinched the Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a movie this past Sunday. In an unexpected twist during his acceptance speech, Downey chose to spotlight some of the more scathing reviews he's received from the very critics who honored him that evening.

The evening's buzz centered around Downey, known for his role in the recent hit "Oppenheimer." He opened his speech with a reflective tone, musing about the various critiques of his acting career from the members of the Critics Choice Association.

"I was thinking this morning, I love critics. They've provided me with such insightful feedback, truly enriching experiences, some of which are incredibly poetic," he remarked. His approach was to celebrate criticism in a light-hearted manner, a move that resonated with the audience.

Critiques in Spotlight

Delving into the specifics, Downey shared, "One of the critiques struck me as Haiku-like: ‘Sloppy, messy, and lazy.' Another was more metaphorical, likening me to ‘Pee-Wee Herman emerging from a coma.'

A British critic once called me ‘a puzzling waste of talent.' But the one that really stuck with me was ‘Amusing as a bed-locked fart.' " In a room filled with laughter and applause, Downey graciously shifted focus to his team, the "Oppenhomies," acknowledging the collaborative effort behind his performance in "Oppenheimer." "Filming every day was a humbling experience, like having my ego handed back to me at the door.

But really, I think it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy," he quipped. Downey's speech, blending self-deprecating humor with gratitude, underscored the complex relationship between artists and critics. His ability to take criticism in stride, turning potentially negative reviews into a moment of levity and reflection, speaks volumes of his character.

This moment at the Critics Choice Awards, where Downey playfully navigated the terrain of critique and acclaim, will likely be remembered as a highlight of his illustrious career.

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