Mike Lindell Alleges Fox News 'Canceled' Ads, Network Points to Unpaid Bills

Lindell-Fox Dispute Arises Over Alleged Ad Payment Issues.

by Nouman Rasool
Mike Lindell Alleges Fox News 'Canceled' Ads, Network Points to Unpaid Bills
© Octavio Jones/Getty Images

In a recent turn of events, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has stirred the media landscape with his allegations against Fox News. Lindell, known for his unwavering support of former President Donald Trump, took to social media on Friday to announce that Fox News had "canceled" his commercials on their network.

This move comes shortly after he brought on board conservative commentator Lou Dobbs to host a new show on his Lindell TV network. In a video statement, Lindell expressed his dismay, stating, "Fox News has canceled MyPillow." He further speculated on the reasons behind the network's decision to pull his ads, pondering whether it was due to Dobbs' new role on his platform or a broader attempt to silence his support for Trump leading up to the 2024 election.

Despite his conjectures, Lindell admitted to being in the dark about the specific reasons for Fox News' action.

Unpaid Bills Alleged

Contrary to Lindell's claims, sources inside Fox News reveal a different narrative.

They allege that the discontinuation of the MyPillow ads stemmed from Lindell's failure to pay the required bills for the ad slots. According to these insiders, Fox News had previously reached out to Lindell's team, offering an extension for the payment, but eventually decided to remove the ads after a prolonged period of non-payment.

Fox News has maintained that the decision was purely business-related, with a spokesperson for the network stating that the ads could resume "as soon as" Lindell clears the outstanding balance. The spokesperson emphasized that the network would welcome MyPillow's advertising once the financial obligations were met.

However, Lindell, undeterred by these claims, insists that his commercial was pulled for political reasons. He suggests that his outspoken stance on various conspiracy theories, especially those related to the 2020 election, might be the real catalyst behind Fox News' decision.

His involvement in these theories has not only sparked controversy but also led to multiple lawsuits seeking punitive damages against him. In his statement, Lindell expressed a belief that the action taken by Fox News was an effort to suppress his voice, particularly regarding the election and the platforms used.

As the situation unfolds, the tension between MyPillow's CEO and the media giant adds another layer to the complex political and media landscape as the country gears up for the upcoming presidential election.