Jason Momoa: 'Relax' About My Living Situation

Jason Momoa Redefines Lifestyle with Unique Choices

by Zain ul Abedin
Jason Momoa: 'Relax' About My Living Situation
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In a candid revelation, Hollywood's charismatic powerhouse, Jason Momoa, recently addressed misconceptions about his current living arrangements, sparking intrigue and concern among his fanbase. Known for his dynamic roles in "Aquaman" and "Game of Thrones," Momoa clarified the air in an exclusive interview with People Magazine, emphasizing his unconventional but contented lifestyle.

Dispelling rumors of homelessness, Momoa, a millionaire actor revered for his rugged charm, explained, “I’m just houseless... not homeless”. With characteristic nonchalance, he added, “I have a nice trailer.

Everyone’s like, ‘Jason Momoa’s homeless.’ I’m like, ‘Relax. I got a f***ing sleeping bag”. This clarification comes from Momoa’s earlier comments about his nomadic way of life, inadvertently leading to speculation about his well-being.

“I don’t even have a home right now. I live on the road,” he had stated in a previous interview, shedding light on his unique, unanchored existence.

Embracing Nomadic Life

Momoa’s choice to eschew a fixed residence is not a matter of necessity but a deliberate lifestyle choice fueled by his passion for adventure and exploration.

His current endeavors include working on the docuseries "On the Roam," a project that resonates with his free-spirited approach to life. This venture underscores his commitment to a life unbound by traditional domestic norms, where every location offers a new chapter of experience.

Despite his current contentment with life on the move, Momoa hinted at a possible shift in the future. He expressed excitement about the prospect of eventually purchasing a house, adding humorously, “Once I do buy a house, people would say, ‘Jason Momoa bought a home.

Holy s***. He’s got a pillow now.’” Momoa's statement is a refreshing reminder of the diverse lifestyles embraced by individuals, even among the glitterati. His choice to live life 'on the roam' is a testament to his individuality and a rejection of conventional expectations.

In an industry often characterized by luxury and extravagance, Momoa's down-to-earth approach and embrace of simplicity stand out, offering a different perspective on celebrity living.