Lauryn Goodman's Holiday Getaway with Children Post Walker Paternity Confirmation

Escaping turmoil, Goodman takes a much-needed break with kids.

by Nouman Rasool
Lauryn Goodman's Holiday Getaway with Children Post Walker Paternity Confirmation
© Mark R. Milan/Getty Images

In a recent turn of events, Lauryn Goodman has chosen to distance herself from the ongoing turmoil involving Kyle Walker, the father of her two children. This Saturday, Goodman was spotted at Gatwick Airport, preparing for an overseas trip with her young ones, three-year-old Kairo and a five-month-old daughter whose name remains undisclosed.

This move comes in the wake of revelations about Walker, a 33-year-old England football star, and his complex personal life. Walker, a Manchester City defender, recently faced a split from his wife, Annie Kilner, following the discovery of his paternity of Goodman's youngest child.

The couple, who share three children, had been together for years, enduring ups and downs, including a previous separation in 2020 during which Walker fathered Kairo. Goodman, 32, a known influencer and TV personality, appeared at the airport dressed casually, her emotions seemingly in check after a week of revealing Walker's clandestine visits and life.

The family, hard to miss, included Kairo proudly sporting monogrammed suitcases from HB London, a detail underscoring the family's public persona. Through an emotional Instagram post, Goodman shared her struggles, mentioning breaking down in front of her children and apologizing to Kilner.

She cited the recent events as overwhelming, affecting her mental health and ability to be the best mother possible.

Unveiling Walker's Dual Life

Goodman's revelations include details of Walker's covert involvement in their lives, from personalized football kits for Kairo to family outings, painting a picture of a divided life Walker led.

Despite the public facade, Goodman insists that their children were not a secret to Walker's teammates, suggesting a broader awareness of his dual life. Kilner, who had been with Walker since their teenage years, confirmed the split after Goodman's confrontation with photo evidence of Walker with his children.

This separation marks another chapter in Walker's tumultuous personal life, marred by past cheating allegations and a marriage that has been in the public eye for its highs and lows. As Goodman and her children embark on their trip, the situation leaves many unanswered questions about the future of Walker's relationships with both Goodman and Kilner.

Meanwhile, Goodman continues to navigate the challenges of single motherhood under the scrutiny of public attention, emphasizing her commitment to her children amidst the ongoing drama.