Trump Enlists Mobster-Turned-Informant as Witness

Former President Faces Legal Challenges in New York Courts

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump Enlists Mobster-Turned-Informant as Witness
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In a striking move, former President Donald Trump has publicly expressed gratitude towards Salvatore Gravano, better known as “Sammy the Bull,” a former figurehead in the Gambino crime family. This unusual gesture of thanks was conveyed through Trump's Truth Social platform, where he shared an archival interview of Gravano.

In the interview, the ex-mob boss, who earned a notorious reputation in the underworld, spoke highly of Trump, stating, “Forget about Trump; he’s a legitimate guy”. This unexpected endorsement comes amid Trump's legal challenges.

He specifically called attention to Judges Arthur Engoron and Lewis Kaplan, overseeing his civil fraud trial and defamation case, respectively. In his post, Trump expressed a desire for "fairness, strength, and honesty" in the New York Courts, casting doubt on their current state.

Judicial Tensions Escalate

Judge Engoron is at the helm of the civil fraud trial in New York against Trump, which recently concluded its closing arguments. Meanwhile, Judge Kaplan will preside over the defamation trial against writer E.

Jean Carroll, set to begin shortly. Trump, known for his outspoken criticism of the judiciary, has repeatedly accused Judge Engoron of bias and harboring a personal agenda. This claim culminated in a heated outburst during the closing arguments of his trial.

The upcoming Carroll defamation trial is also under the spotlight, with Carroll expressing concerns to the judge about the potential for Trump to disrupt the proceedings. Gravano, once a revered figure in organized crime, later became infamous as “Sammy the Rat” following his decision to testify against John Gotti, the head of the Gambino family.

His testimony, motivated by a belief that Gotti had targeted him, was pivotal in Gotti's imprisonment. Gravano's recent public support for Trump adds an unexpected twist to the former president's ongoing legal battles and public narrative.

As Trump navigates these turbulent legal waters, the intersection of high-profile personalities from vastly different backgrounds captivates the public's attention.

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