Dan Levy: Movies, Dating & Biannual Tarot Readings

Exploring Dan Levy's Fashion Journey and Iconic TV Role

by Zain ul Abedin
Dan Levy: Movies, Dating & Biannual Tarot Readings
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Dan Levy, the celebrated star of "Schitt's Creek," recently sat down in West Hollywood for a tarot card reading, a ritual he indulges in every six months. Known for his iconic role as David Rose in the Emmy-winning series, Levy has now ventured into directing with his Netflix feature debut, "Good Grief." The 40-year-old Canadian actor, embracing the present more than the future, finds guidance and a sense of direction from these readings conducted by his close friend and tarot reader, Trevor Ballin.

Ballin's insights suggest a promising horizon for Levy, hinting at love and success. As he reveals the cards' predictions of a significant romantic encounter this year, Levy reflects on his busy life, contemplating creating space for personal connections amidst his professional commitments.

This humor-infused session even led to a jest about Levy potentially appearing on "The Bachelor."

Levy's Stylish Rise

Levy's journey to fame began over 15 years ago as an MTV Canada host, where he first caught attention for his talent and distinctive style, particularly his eyewear.

This interest led him to establish DL Eyewear, a venture that predates his rise to stardom. The brand, offering stylish sunglasses and optical frames, stands as a testament to Levy's fashion sense, a domain he appreciates but chooses not to venture into as a designer, respecting the expertise of trained professionals.

The actor's breakthrough came with "Schitt's Creek," a show that resonated deeply with audiences, especially during the pandemic. Its success solidified Levy's status as a style icon and made phrases like "Ew, David" a part of popular culture.

Levy appreciates the impact of the show, seeing the enduring relevance of its characters and dialogues as a badge of honor. Levy remains playfully ambiguous on the prospect of a "Schitt's Creek" movie, fueling fan speculation.

He also shares a missed opportunity to play one of the Kens in the 2023 hit film "Barbie," a decision influenced by scheduling conflicts still haunting him.

Levy's Poignant Directorial Debut

"Good Grief," Levy's directorial venture, marks a departure from the comedic realms of "Schitt's Creek" into a more somber narrative.

The film, which he also wrote and starred in, explores themes of loss and friendship. It follows an artist, played by Levy, dealing with his husband's death, a role portrayed by Luke Evans. The casting of Evans was crucial for Levy, who needed an actor with a commanding presence to make a significant impact in a brief on-screen time.

Levy's personal experiences with grief following the loss of his grandmother and his dog informed the film's narrative. As he navigated these personal losses, he grappled with the expectations and realities of life at 40, a theme poignantly explored in the movie.