Leonardo DiCaprio and Ceretti's Beverly Hills Date

Leonardo DiCaprio embraces low-key style for Beverly outing.

by Nouman Rasool
Leonardo DiCaprio and Ceretti's Beverly Hills Date
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In a delightful mix of romance and culinary exploration, Hollywood's notable Oscar-winner, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the enchanting Italian supermodel, Vittoria Ceretti, were recently seen enjoying an intimate dinner at the newly opened Cipriani in Beverly Hills.

This outing marks another chapter in the couple's burgeoning romance, painting a picture of a relaxed yet passionate connection.

DiCaprio's Casual Elegance

Leonardo DiCaprio, 49, known for his captivating performances and recent role in 'Killers of the Flower Moon,' chose a casual yet sophisticated ensemble for the evening.

His choice of a black shirt paired with jeans, complemented by a zippered black jacket, perfectly suited the chilly evening air. Adding a touch of local flair, DiCaprio sported a Los Angeles Dodgers cap, rounding off his look with lace-fastened trainers.

Despite not being named among the 2024 SAG Awards finalists earlier this week, DiCaprio's relaxed demeanor suggested a man at ease with his illustrious career and personal life.

Ceretti's Elegant Ensemble

Vittoria Ceretti, a vision of elegance, stepped out in a striking outfit that effortlessly blended comfort with high fashion.

She wore a shimmering silver shirt with a tasteful scooped neckline, tucked neatly into loose-fitting black trousers. Her ensemble was accentuated by a stylish white jacket with a fuzzy collar, left unbuttoned to reveal the glimmer beneath.

Her hair, styled in a chic updo with a side part, complemented her refined look. Ceretti's accessories, including statement silver earrings and a delicate necklace, added a touch of glamour. Her makeup, featuring a subtle blush and a deeper shade of lipstick, highlighted her natural beauty, adding to her sophisticated allure.

The couple, first linked romantically following an ice cream date in Santa Barbara in August of the previous year, has since been captivating the public with their low-key yet charming outings. Their latest dinner at Cipriani, a choice reflecting a penchant for fine dining and discretion, only adds to the allure surrounding their relationship.

As they exited the restaurant separately, with Ceretti sneaking out the back and DiCaprio through the front, it was clear that they value their privacy, making these glimpses into their world all the more intriguing.

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