King Charles Accused of Favoring Prince Andrew Over Prince Harry


King Charles Accused of Favoring Prince Andrew Over Prince Harry
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King Charles is currently facing a wave of criticism regarding the perceived disparities in his treatment of two prominent royal family members, Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. These accusations have ignited debates about his leadership and decision-making within the monarchy.

Renowned royal expert Daniela Elser, in a recent article for, has voiced her disapproval of King Charles' handling of these delicate situations. Elser did not mince words, referring to the monarch's efforts to address the "Andrew problem" as "pathetic." She also characterized his approach to Harry and Meghan as "petty" and "retributive." Elser's critique extends to the notion that King Charles prioritizes "filial appeasement over leadership." In her assessment, he has spent a considerable portion of the past year "tap-dancing around the Andrew issue like a nervous chorus girl still learning the steps while simultaneously going full Raging Bull on Harry."

Christmas Walk Disparity

The controversy intensified when Prince Andrew, who has faced renewed scrutiny due to his association with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was granted permission to participate in the royal family's annual Christmas walk.

In stark contrast, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not extended the same courtesy, prompting further questions about the fairness of these decisions. Elser expressed profound concern over what she perceives as a pattern of humiliation endured by the Duke and Duchess of Suss-x over the past 15 months.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew continues to reside comfortably in Windsor, driving a car valued at a figure only marginally less than the average UK house price and casually attending to his royal duties, including the upkeep of his Garter robes.

These allegations of differential treatment have sparked conversations about the future direction of the monarchy under King Charles. They raise important questions about the principles and values that will guide his reign and whether he can successfully navigate the complex challenges within the royal family.

As these debates persist, the world watches closely to see how King Charles will address and reconcile these apparent disparities in his treatment of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry.

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