Austin and Catherine McBroom: YouTube Stars End Marriage of Nearly 7 Years


Austin and Catherine McBroom: YouTube Stars End Marriage of Nearly 7 Years
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Influential YouTubers Austin and Catherine McBroom, the dynamic duo behind the popular "The ACE Family" YouTube channel, have recently announced their decision to part ways, ending their marriage of almost seven years. This news comes as a significant turn in their personal lives, leaving their substantial fanbase in a state of surprise.

Catherine McBroom, 33, took to Instagram on January 11 to share her thoughts on this pivotal moment in her life. "2024 marks the beginning of a transformative journey for me, and a crucial step in this path is my departure from my marriage," she expressed.

Catherine's statement resonated with a tone of empowerment and self-discovery, as she emphasized her commitment to personal happiness and growth, despite the heartache involved in this decision. Since their YouTube channel's inception in 2016, the McBrooms have captivated an audience of over 18 million subscribers.

Their content, ranging from family vlogs to playful challenges and pranks, has been a staple in many households. The couple's three children, daughters Elle, 7, Alaia, 5, and son Steel, 3, have also been a central part of their online narrative.

Austin Reflects on Marriage

Austin McBroom, 31, shared a heartfelt message on social media, reflecting on their shared journey. "Our marriage was a beautiful chapter in our lives, filled with countless memories and achievements.

As we close this chapter, we begin to write new, individual stories," he stated. He echoed Catherine's sentiments about prioritizing their children's wellbeing and maintaining a united front as parents. The couple's commitment to their family remains unwavering, as Austin elaborates, "Though this transition is challenging, we are dedicated to making it as smooth as possible for our family.

Our approach to this separation will showcase our resilience and continued positivity as influencers, especially in the eyes of our children." This development in the McBrooms' lives marks a significant transition, not only for them but also for their loyal fanbase.

As they navigate through this change, their focus on family, positivity, and individual growth remains clear, setting an exemplary narrative of handling personal upheavals with grace and maturity.