Meghan Markle's One-Word Royal Remark

Royal event stirs tension as Meghan Markle shares impressions.

by Nouman Rasool
Meghan Markle's One-Word Royal Remark
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In 2018, Meghan Markle, the HRH, and Prince Harry returned from their luxurious Mediterranean honeymoon. She returned to their royal duties, attending Trooping the Colour to honor the late Queen Elizabeth's official birthday.

It was Meghan's first time on the Buckingham Palace balcony, and her interaction with other members of the Royal Family made headlines. During the ceremony, Meghan appeared captivated by the grandeur, sharing a cheerful conversation with Princess Kate and then-Duchess Camilla.

However, tension arose when Meghan was asked about her impressions of her inaugural Trooping the Colour. Princess Kate, ever curious about her sister-in-law's thoughts, was met with a surprising response from Meghan, who simply said, "Colourful." This one-word reply left a conspicuous silence that hung in the air, as Harry later recounted in his revealing memoir, "Spare." He wrote, "A yawning silence threatened to swallow us all whole." In his memoir, Harry delved deeper into the dynamics within the Royal Family, suggesting that some members had unfairly stereotyped Meghan, with even his brother, Prince William, labeling her as "difficult." Unfortunately, this relationship strain persisted, ultimately leading the HRHs to resign from their royal roles in 2020.

The couple settled in Montecito, California, purchasing an impressive £11.8 million mansion. However, recent reports indicate they are contemplating a move to Malibu, where they are eyeing a more modest £3 million property.

Their plans include buying a plot of land to build a 10,000-square-foot home, fueled by their aspirations to make it in Hollywood.

Malibu Move: Meghan's Sentimental Connection

One of the key motivators for this potential move is the arduous commute from Montecito to Los Angeles, which can take more than three hours during rush hour.

In contrast, a relocation to Malibu would reduce that commute to a mere 40 minutes, providing the couple with more flexibility in their professional pursuits. For Meghan, Malibu holds sentimental value as she has fond childhood memories of spending time there.

Her step-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., reminisced about her enjoying beach dates at The Will Rogers Beach, near her family home in Woodland Hills. As the HRHs consider this possible transition, the world watches to see what their next chapter holds while reflecting on Meghan's candid "colourful" moment during her first Trooping the Colour ceremony. This moment hinted at the complexities beneath the surface of royal life.

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