Prince Harry's Drastic Steps to Exclude Dominic West

Royal Tensions Rise in Unexpected Celebrity Fallout

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's Drastic Steps to Exclude Dominic West
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In a surprising revelation, Prince Harry, the Duke of Suss-x, has reportedly severed all ties with Dominic West, the actor portraying King Charles in the popular Netflix series 'The Crown', over a longstanding disagreement that dates back a decade.

This decision follows a series of incidents that have heightened tensions between the royal and the actor. The 54-year-old West, in a candid interview on Times Radio's 'Sunday Morning', disclosed that he had "lost touch" with Prince Harry.

The falling out, it appears, was not just a simple matter of drifting apart but stemmed from a specific altercation. According to an insider speaking to The Daily Mail, the conflict was ignited by what Prince Harry perceived as a breach of his privacy by West.

"Harry threw a significant tantrum," the source reported. "He vehemently accused Dominic of invading his personal space. In response, Dominic dismissed these concerns as baseless. This clash led to a complete cessation of communication between them."

Rift Over Revealing Remarks

The disagreement can be traced back to a press conference in 2014, where West commented that Prince Harry found objectionable.

Reflecting on the incident during his radio appearance, West admitted, "I might have divulged more than necessary when discussing our celebrations upon reaching our destination." Furthermore, the insider indicated that Prince Harry has taken drastic steps to distance himself from West.

It is suggested that the Duke is willing to cut off anyone he suspects of maintaining ties with West, reflecting the severity of the rift. This development adds another layer to the complex dynamics within the royal sphere, illustrating how personal relationships can have far-reaching consequences.

The Duke's decision to completely disassociate from West, who now plays a pivotal role in dramatizing the royal family's history on screen, underscores the sensitive nature of privacy and trust within the upper echelons of British society.

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