Shaun King Claims Meta's Instagram Ban Linked to Pro-Palestinian Views

Social Activist Faces Sudden Instagram Suspension Amidst Controversy.

by Nouman Rasool
Shaun King Claims Meta's Instagram Ban Linked to Pro-Palestinian Views
© Karen Ducey/Getty Images

Prominent social justice advocate Shaun King has been barred from Instagram, a move he asserts is linked to his vocal support for Palestinians amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict. King, a high-profile figure in online activism known for his role in movements like Black Lives Matter, had amassed over 5 million followers on the Meta-owned platform before his account was deactivated on Christmas Eve.

In a statement, a Meta spokesperson cited "multiple instances of praise for designated entities," as the reason for the suspension, aligning with the company's strict policies against endorsing dangerous organizations and individuals.

However, the specific nature of King's alleged violations remains unclear. This action comes amid heightened scrutiny of Meta's policies, especially after Hamas' attack on Israel on October 7. Meta’s current guidelines explicitly prohibit support for certain groups and individuals deemed dangerous.

This month, Human Rights Watch released a report highlighting what it perceives as significant flaws in Meta's policy implementation. The report points to an apparent trend of increased censorship, particularly regarding pro-Palestinian content, and notes several instances where users reported Meta removing their posts or limiting their access to features on Instagram and Facebook.

King Alleges Targeted Ban

In response, King took to his Facebook page, also owned by Meta, to assert that his Instagram ban was a direct consequence of his pro-Palestinian stance. He claimed insider sources at Meta informed him that his IP address was being monitored, suggesting a comprehensive effort to silence his online activism.

King further revealed that he has engaged legal counsel and is working with the Civil Rights Division of Meta's legal team to challenge the suspension. He emphasized his commitment to speaking out against what he perceives as injustices in Gaza and the West Bank, refusing to remain silent about issues he describes as "genocide" and "war crimes." Despite his forceful stance, King's ban has garnered mixed reactions online.

While many expressed support, others, including some pro-Palestinian activists, have welcomed the suspension. Criticism of King isn't new; he has previously faced scrutiny over allegations concerning the handling of funds raised through his campaigns and questions about his racial identity, which he addressed in a 2015 essay.

The hashtag #BlockShaunKing, which emerged over two years ago following criticism from the families of Black Lives Matter movement victims, has resurfaced in the wake of his Instagram ban. Some social media users have expressed skepticism about King's motives, urging others to follow authentic voices from the Palestinian and Black communities instead.