'Reacher': New Season Spells 'Bad News' for Tom Cruise

Amazon's 'Reacher' Ignites Fresh Casting Controversy Online

by Zain ul Abedin
'Reacher': New Season Spells 'Bad News' for Tom Cruise
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Amazon Prime Video's hit show "Reacher" has once again topped the streaming charts with its gripping new season, but not without sparking a fresh debate over the original casting of Tom Cruise in the movie adaptations of Lee Child's novels.

Alan Ritchson, the 41-year-old actor embodying the titular character in the series, has delivered a performance that has left fans and critics alike in awe, leading to questions about Cruise's suitability for the role. Ritchson's portrayal of the ex-military policeman has been lauded for its authenticity and alignment with the character as described in Child's books.

This comparison has brought to light the noticeable physical differences between Ritchson and Cruise, with many pointing out that Ritchson's stature and build are more in line with the novel's depiction of the character.

Ritchson vs.

Cruise Debate

A vocal segment of the fan base has taken to social media to express their opinions. "It's hard to believe that anyone could be a better fit for any role than Tom Cruise, but in this case, Alan Ritchson is far better as Reacher than Cruise," one user commented, encapsulating a sentiment shared by many.

Others have praised the show for its intelligent writing and Ritchson's "physical force of nature," remarking on how it feels more suited to the character of Jack Reacher than Tom Cruise's portrayal. The discussions have not just been confined to acting prowess.

Physical comparisons have also been a significant part of the conversation. "Alan Ritchson is 6 ft 3.5 inches and gained 30 lbs of muscle to play Reacher. For Season 2, he added 5 lbs for a total of 240 lbs, very close to the books where he is described as 6 ft 5 inches & 250 pounds.

Much better than 5 ft 7 inch Tom Cruise," noted another viewer, highlighting the closer physical resemblance Ritchson has to the character as described in the novels. Despite these debates, the success of "Reacher" is undeniable.

The series has received critical acclaim and a significant surge in viewership, climbing to the top of Amazon's streaming charts. This popularity underscores the show's appeal and the resonance of Ritchson's performance with the audience.

As the discussion around casting choices continues, "Reacher" is a testament to the importance of faithful adaptation in bringing beloved literary characters to life on screen.

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