"MAY THEY ROT IN HELL": Trump's Fiery Christmas Meltdown on Truth Social


"MAY THEY ROT IN HELL": Trump's Fiery Christmas Meltdown on Truth Social
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Over the recent holiday weekend, former President Donald Trump engaged in an emotional online tirade, primarily via his platform, Truth Social. His posts vehemently criticized President Joe Biden, special counsel Jack Smith, and others, showcasing his disillusionment with American politics.

A series of incendiary messages marked Trump's Christmas Eve. He criticized the committee investigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection and derided Smith as "DERANGED." In a particularly heated post, Trump questioned the committee's handling of evidence and their failure to acknowledge his use of the words "peacefully & patriotically" in his speech.

Trump's Explosive Rant

The former President's outburst included accusations of political persecution, alleging that Biden's team, particularly Jack Smith, was targeting him in an unprecedented manner. Trump's rhetoric escalated as he accused his adversaries of election interference, corruption, and destroying the integrity of the nation.

This rant followed a significant legal development - the Supreme Court's denial to expedite a case concerning Trump's presidential immunity related to accusations of election subversion. Trump's response to this setback was a blend of defiance and agitation.

Continuing his rant into Monday, Trump extended holiday greetings laced with sarcasm and vitriol. He targeted "Crooked Joe Biden," "Deranged Jack Smith," and others whom he deemed responsible for various national issues, from open borders to energy independence challenges.

In a dramatic climax, he expressed a desire for his perceived adversaries to "rot in hell."

Widespread Backlash Mounts

This flurry of posts also highlighted the enlistment of Michael Dreeben, a notable attorney with extensive Supreme Court experience, by Smith's team.

Dreeben is known for his previous role in special counsel Bob Mueller's team. Trump's explosive remarks garnered criticism from various quarters. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel, including Al Sharpton, commented on Trump's anger and persistent attacks.

The panelists interpreted these outbursts as signs of Trump's inner turmoil and inability to embrace the holiday spirit, noting the darkness and intensity of his messages. Host Jonathan Lemire described Trump's latest holiday message as sinking to a new low, even by his unconventional standards.

Trump's vehement and unfiltered holiday messaging starkly contrasts with traditional political discourse, highlighting his unique communication approach and ongoing contentious relationship with the current political establishment.