Lincoln Project Unveils 'Trump Smells' Advertisement

Lincoln Project's Latest Campaign Takes a Satirical Turn

by Zain ul Abedin
Lincoln Project Unveils 'Trump Smells' Advertisement
© Scott Olson/Getty Images

In a striking move, the Lincoln Project, a political action committee founded by several prominent Republicans, has recently launched an advertisement directly targeting former President Donald Trump. This ad, uniquely styled to capitalize on the growing social media buzz surrounding the #TrumpSmells hashtag, is an apparent attempt to challenge Trump's potential candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination 2024.

Debuting on X, a platform formerly known as Twitter, the ad was accompanied by a provocative post that read, “Is that you Donald?” along with the now-trending hashtag, #TrumpSmells. The 40-second video, humorously titled “Limburger,” showcases an array of distasteful visuals such as garbage dumps, animal waste, dirty diapers, and moldy cheese.

These scenes are cleverly juxtaposed with references to Trump, underscoring the ad’s satirical tone.

Ad Highlights Unfavorable Scent

Adding to its provocative nature, the ad features an audio track filled with sounds of sniffing and coughing, evidently in response to the unpleasant imagery.

A significant moment in the ad occurs as the camera pans over Trump Tower in New York, where a deep voice overlays, suggesting that the former president emits an unfavorable odor. Comedian Kathy Griffith lends her voice to the ad, describing Trump's scent as a mix of body odor and a fragrant makeup product.

The advertisement concludes with a generic female voice reacting with a sniff, cough, and a look of disgust, followed by the rhetorical question, “Donald, is that you?” This final scene is set against buzzing flies, adding to the ad's mocking tone.

Growing Backlash and Responses

This audacious advertisement has not gone unnoticed. The Hill reports that they have contacted Trump's campaign for a response. Meanwhile, the #TrumpSmells hashtag continues to gain momentum, partly due to former Representative Adam Kinzinger's (R-Ill.) comments on X.

Kinzinger, known for his opposition to Trump, remarked earlier this month about the alleged peculiar odor associated with the former president, advising people to wear a mask. In response to these claims, a spokesperson for Trump dismissed Kinzinger's comments in a statement to the Independent, labeling Kinzinger as a disgraced individual with a disappointing life, and even referencing an incident where Kinzinger reportedly passed gas on live television.

This latest development in the political arena demonstrates the increasing use of social media and unconventional advertising strategies in political campaigns, especially as the 2024 presidential race begins to take shape.

The Lincoln Project's ad represents a new era of political discourse, where humor and satire become powerful tools in influencing public opinion and political narratives.