Sydney Sweeney Dismisses Objectification Claims in Stones' Video

Exploring Sydney Sweeney's Stance on Her Latest Music Video Role

by Nouman Rasool
Sydney Sweeney Dismisses Objectification Claims in Stones' Video
© Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

In an enlightening interview with Glamour UK, Sydney Sweeney, the acclaimed 26-year-old actor known for her roles in "Euphoria" and "White Lotus," recently shared her empowering experience while starring in The Rolling Stones' latest music video.

The video, for their lead single "Angry" from the album "Hackney Diamonds," showcases Sweeney in a bold and dynamic avatar. Sweeney, featured prominently in the video, is seen exuding confidence atop a convertible, dressed in a striking black corset paired with black leather pants adorned with star-shaped cut-outs.

Reflecting on her attire and portrayal, Sweeney remarked, "I felt hot. I felt so good in it." She emphasized her personal choice in the outfit selection, showcasing a sense of agency and self-expression. The actor further delved into her philosophy of empowerment, highlighting the significance of embracing one’s body.

"That's bold and strong, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it," she stated, advocating for self-acceptance and confidence.

Sweeney's Empowered Response

Sweeney also expressed her excitement and disbelief at the opportunity to work with the legendary rock band.

"I mean, who else gets to roll around on the top of a convertible driving down Sunset Boulevard with police escorts?" she said, reflecting on the uniqueness of the experience. Her role in the music video, however, sparked some controversy.

Damon Albarn, the renowned frontman of Blur and Gorillaz, criticized the portrayal in an interview with French magazine Les Inrockuptibles. Albarn described the video as "horrible," pointing out what he perceived as objectification.

Despite the criticism, Sweeney's family showed immense support for her involvement. She shared a heartwarming snippet from behind the scenes during her appearance on "Live with Kelly and Mark," mentioning how her mother met the band and viewed her participation as a highlight in her career.

Sweeney's perspective and experience offer a nuanced view on self-representation and creativity in the entertainment industry. Her approach encourages a dialogue about empowerment and artistic freedom, resonating with audiences and industry insiders alike.