Michael Cohen: Trump's Endless Grift Ride

Exploring Trump's Complex Legal Battles and Strategies.

by Nouman Rasool
Michael Cohen: Trump's Endless Grift Ride
© Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney and confidant to ex-President Donald Trump, has issued a stark prediction about Trump's reaction to his current legal woes. Speaking to CNN's Jim Acosta on Saturday, Cohen suggested that Trump is leveraging the indictments he faces to mobilize his base and raise funds, a tactic he believes Trump will employ as long as it remains viable.

Cohen, once a key figure in Trump's inner circle, highlighted the former president's strategy in the face of his legal challenges. "What he’s doing is he’s inciting his base. That’s really what it’s about because the more he incites them, the more money that they raise,” Cohen explained.

His perspective offers a unique insight into Trump's mindset and approach to the numerous legal battles he is currently embroiled in.

Trump's Legal Quagmire

The legal landscape for Trump is complex and daunting, with four criminal cases pending against him – two at the federal level, and one each in Georgia and New York.

Cohen underscored the gravity of these cases, noting the substantial prison time Trump could face if convicted on all counts. Despite this, he expressed skepticism about Trump feeling the pressure anytime soon. "Donald doesn’t see things the way most people see them," Cohen remarked, indicating that the urgency of these cases might only dawn on Trump as they draw nearer.

Cohen's analysis of Trump's strategy is not just about the former president's legal defense but also about his ongoing engagement with his supporters. “Remember the four cases that are now pending against him have legitimate jail time.

I mean, they say that if he’s charged and found guilty on all the charges, he could potentially be sentenced to over 700 years,” Cohen stated. This hyperbolic figure underlines the severity of the accusations against Trump.

Cohen concluded with a foreboding note, asserting that Trump's tactics are not just about legal defense but also about maintaining his influence. "It’s all in order to keep his base incited, and it’s all about the grift to raise more and more money,” he said.