Maria Menounos' Unique 'Baba Booey' Wedding

Celebrity couple's unconventional vows captivate during live broadcast.

by Nouman Rasool
Maria Menounos' Unique 'Baba Booey' Wedding
© Christopher Polk/Getty Images

In a delightful revelation, Maria Menounos, the esteemed TV host, shared her amusing experience of her unconventional wedding vows with Keven Undergaro, the ceremony being a memorable live broadcast during Fox's 2017 New Year's Eve special.

The couple, known for their distinct style, exchanged vows in an extraordinary setting, with the famous Steve Harvey officiating. Menounos, 45, and Undergaro, 56, brought a unique twist to their special moment, which caught even the officiant off guard.

Menounos anticipated heartfelt words from her partner but was met with a humorous surprise. Undergaro, embracing the spirit of their favorite Howard Stern Show, began his vows with a 'baba booey,' causing a moment of confusion for Harvey.

He continued with a nod to a notorious video from the show's producer Gary Dell'Abate, infusing their ceremony with a touch of their shared fandom. Menounos, a self-proclaimed Stern show devotee, described the experience with humor, likening the frigid weather to a 'two' but their wedding as a 'noine.'

Their connection to the Stern show runs deep, with Undergaro proposing to Menounos live on Stern's SiriusXM show in 2016. Despite their two-decade-long relationship, the proposal took Menounos by surprise, affirming the sincerity of their bond and the significance of the show in their lives.

Emotional Vows and Heritage

In a heartfelt twist, Menounos shared the joy of having her parents, including her mother, who was battling stage-four brain cancer, by her side during the live TV wedding. The surprise announcement to her parents added an emotional layer to their special day, with her mother's joy serving as a cherished memory.

Reflecting on the Stern-inspired vows, Menounos humorously remarked on her initial reaction to Undergaro's unorthodox approach, which later transitioned into more traditional expressions of their love. The couple, who recently welcomed their daughter Athena in July 2023, celebrated their love again with a second wedding in Akovos, Greece, in October 2018.

Emphasizing the importance of her Greek heritage, Menounos expressed her desire to honor their roots and the significance of Greece in their lives. This unique blend of humor, love, and cultural ties illustrates the couple's journey, marking their story as a standout narrative in celebrity news.