Ex-Spy Chief Predicts Putin's Imminent Ouster Due to War Failures

Internal Dissent and Assassination Attempts Plague Putin's Regime

by Zain ul Abedin
Ex-Spy Chief Predicts Putin's Imminent Ouster Due to War Failures
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In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through the global political landscape, former CIA Chief Jack Devine has made a startling prediction about Russian President Vladimir Putin's political future. Devine, a seasoned intelligence veteran with over three decades of experience, has suggested that a palace coup, emerging suddenly and unexpectedly like a "Black Swan" event, could topple Putin from power.

This comes amid the ongoing and tumultuous conflict in Ukraine, which has not only stalled but exposed significant vulnerabilities in Putin's administration. Devine, aged 83, expressed his belief that Putin, 71, could abruptly disappear from the political scene, hinting at the possibility of an internal revolt within the Russian government.

This conjecture gains weight considering the rising discontent and challenges Putin has faced since initiating the Ukraine invasion in February last year. The prolonged conflict has revealed cracks in Putin's leadership and led to speculation about his weakening control over the nation.

Coup Threats Amid Stalemate

The Russian President has confronted various internal threats, including dissent from influential figures like Wagner warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin, as well as sabotage efforts by anti-Russia partisans.

Additionally, Putin has reportedly survived numerous assassination attempts. Analysts have even speculated that Putin might resort to ending his life with his weapon rather than facing the ignominy of a political overthrow.

Devine emphasized the increasing likelihood of a coup, especially as Putin grapples with the prospect of a never-ending deadlock in Ukraine. He suggested that such a drastic turn of events could stem from the government's higher echelons, propelled by the current military stalemate.

Highlighting Putin's unpredictable and difficult demeanor, Devine argued that the Ukrainian invasion has likely sown the seeds of Putin's political downfall. Despite the high human cost, Putin continues to aggressively push his military forces into Ukraine, with significant battles unfolding in areas like Avdiivka, a strategic location near Donetsk.

Putin's Waning Popularity

Devine opined that Putin's popularity would likely wane as the conflict dragged on, yet he expected the Russian leader to persist relentlessly in the war effort. This stubbornness, according to Devine, will further alienate the Russian populace, already distressed by the rising casualties and the visible brutality of the war.

Moreover, Devine predicts that a fundamental shift in the conflict will occur once both sides acknowledge the futility of further combat. This will lead to an implicit recognition that Putin cannot emerge victorious. However, he doesn't foresee Putin being forcibly driven back into Russia but rather a gradual realization of the impossibility of a decisive military win.

Despite these dire predictions for Putin's future, Devine does not anticipate a loss for Putin in the 2024 elections. He also cautioned about the growing "Axis of Evil" among nations like China, Russia, and Iran, urging close monitoring of their geopolitical maneuvers and alliances.

In conclusion, while experts concur that Putin's reign might be nearing its end - whether due to a coup, health issues, or the collapse of his regime - the exact nature of this potential downfall remains speculative. The ongoing conflict, coupled with Putin's increasing list of adversaries, casts a long shadow over his leadership and the future of the Kremlin.