Jimin's Emotional Tribute to ARMY in 'Closer Than This'

BTS's Jimin releases a heart-touching solo, captivating fans globally.

by Nouman Rasool
Jimin's Emotional Tribute to ARMY in 'Closer Than This'
© Rich Fury/Getty Images

In an emotional tribute to their journey, BTS member Jimin has released his much-anticipated solo song, 'Closer Than This', accompanied by a deeply nostalgic music video. The video, spanning over four minutes, was shared on HYBE's official YouTube channel, providing a retrospective glance at BTS's remarkable decade-long journey.

This release follows the recent announcement by BigHit Music regarding Jimin's solo venture and its meaningful connection with fans worldwide. The video commences with Jimin discussing the essence of the song with his team, highlighting its nature as a fan song.

"We say, 'Baby don't worry' a lot in those moments," Jimin remarks, setting the tone for the track. The video then transitions to scenes of Jimin traversing city streets, interspersed with murals, followed by a montage showcasing BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook in their early days, their concerts, and their numerous award ceremonies.

A poignant section of the video shows Jimin engrossed in songwriting, celebrating moments with his team. The chorus features an ensemble of children, adding a heartwarming layer to the song. The lyrics, evocative and reflective, speak of shared memories and growth: "Do you also remember? The moment we first met/ We were so shy and awkward back then/ Now that I look back/ We have come this far in just a blink of an eye/ We walked it together, alongside each other/ At times I fell and shed tears/ We comforted each other, with a pat on the back."

Fans Embrace 'Closer Than This'

The release has garnered overwhelming reactions from the BTS ARMY, with fans expressing their deep connection to the song.

One fan articulated the song's beauty and its powerful impact, reminiscent of the love and stories that BTS has shared globally. Another admirer compared Jimin's captivating voice to that of Michael Jackson, praising its comforting and addictive qualities.

Amidst the reactions, one user emphasized the brilliance of Jimin's artistry, noting how 'Closer Than This' was crafted alongside his other project 'Face', reflecting his personal storytelling through music. BigHit Music's statement about 'Closer Than This' encapsulates the spirit of the song.

Released on Friday, December 22, 2023, the track is described as a heartfelt fan song, echoing Jimin's genuine affection for the ARMY. As 2023 draws to a close, the song aims to offer hope and warmth through its lyrics, underlining Jimin's love for his fans.