Jonathan Bennett on Missing the Mean Girls Reunion

Dynamic Duo Teams Up for Dazzling Times Square Event.

by Nouman Rasool
Jonathan Bennett on Missing the Mean Girls Reunion
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Jonathan Bennett, best known for his role as Aaron Samuels in the cult classic "Mean Girls," recently opened up to E! News about missing a key reunion with his former castmates. Despite not being able to participate in the recent Walmart Black Friday ad, which featured Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried, Bennett attributes his absence to a conflicting filming schedule.

"I was filming, so I couldn't do it," he explained during a joint interview with his husband, Jaymes Vaughan. However, Bennett expressed his delight at seeing his former co-stars come together, "It was so fun to see everyone reunite." Alongside his busy acting career, including his work with Hallmark, Bennett remains enthusiastic about "Mean Girls." With the film's 20th anniversary approaching next April, he hints at plans for a special celebration.

Additionally, Bennett is excited about the forthcoming musical adaptation of "Mean Girls," which will feature Christopher Briney as the new generation's Aaron Samuels. Offering advice to Briney, Bennett emphasized the importance of making the character his own.

"It's just important that he does his Aaron, because I did my version of Aaron," he stated, adding, "You can't screw up the word ‘Grool.’ That's the key word of the entire character."

Bennett-Vaughan Sparkle

Bennett and Vaughan are also collaborating with Kay Jewelers, bringing their personal style to a broader audience.

The couple, set to co-host a New Year's Eve event in Times Square, are gearing up for a dazzling celebration. "This is my eighth time coming back as the official host, and it never gets old," Bennett shared with enthusiasm.

Vaughan, meanwhile, is focusing on the perfect accessories for the night, choosing earrings for himself and a tennis bracelet for Bennett from Kay Jewelers. "In Times Square, there's so many lights," Vaughan noted, highlighting the significance of choosing the right bling for such a luminous event.

As 2024 approaches, Bennett and Vaughan look forward to hosting the New Year's Eve event and the release of the new "Mean Girls" adaptation, set to premiere on January 12. Their involvement in various projects, from film to fashion, continues to captivate their fans and audiences worldwide, promising an exciting year ahead.

For those nostalgic for the original "Mean Girls," Bennett and Vaughan tease some behind-the-scenes secrets from the film, ensuring that the spirit of the iconic movie remains as "grool" as ever.