Adam Driver: Embracing Fatherhood in Secret


Adam Driver: Embracing Fatherhood in Secret
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Acclaimed actor Adam Driver, renowned for his roles in 'Star Wars' and 'Marriage Story,' recently shared a glimpse into his personal life, revealing that he and his wife, Joanne Tucker, have welcomed their second child, a daughter, earlier this year.

This news surprises fans, as the couple is known for their exceptional privacy, especially regarding their family life. Driver, aged 40, spoke candidly about his experiences as a father during an appearance on 'Live With Kelly and Mark.'

He humorously commented on the challenges of parenting an infant, saying, “She’s eight months [old], and you kind of forget how much babies kinda suck." Despite the jest, Driver expressed a heartwarming preference from his daughter, noting she seems to favor him more than his six-year-old son did during infancy.

Reflecting on his son's earlier years, Driver shared, “He didn’t want anything to do with me for the first three years”.

Adam Driver's Fatherhood Journey

The journey of fatherhood has been a learning curve for the 'Ferrari' star.

Discussing the rapid growth of his son, Driver remarked on his initial impatience for his son to develop communicative abilities and how this experience has shaped his approach with his daughter. “The first time, it went too fast...And now, I’m more patient with [my daughter].

I’m trying to enjoy it more,” he reflected. Driver's conversation with co-host Mark Consuelos also delved into the realities of parenting, with Driver humorously admitting to getting minimal sleep. This honest and relatable admission further endears the actor to his audience, showcasing a side often unseen in his professional persona.

Driver and Tucker, who have been married for ten years, also share a six-year-old son, further solidifying their commitment to family life. However, in line with their private nature, details such as their children's names, photographs, and exact birthdates are carefully guarded and remain undisclosed.

This blend of professional acclaim and personal privacy makes Adam Driver's revelations all the more compelling, offering a rare insight into the life of one of Hollywood's most intriguing and talented actors.