Willow Explores White House Holiday Cheer with First lady Jill Biden


Willow Explores White House Holiday Cheer with First lady Jill Biden
© JIM WATSON/Getty Images

Willow, the three-year-old tabby cat belonging to the Biden family, is basking in the festive atmosphere of her second holiday season at the prestigious 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The White House's feline resident, a rescue cat, has been featured in a charming new video by The Dodo, showcasing her exploration of this year's stunning holiday decorations and her delight in opening holiday presents, including a playful toy mouse.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden fondly recalls the first encounter with Willow, detailing how the cat unexpectedly attended one of her speeches in a barn, comfortably settling in a chair as if captivated by the address. Dr. Biden also shares insights into Willow's affectionate nature in the video, even mentioning a humorous incident where the curious cat got a bit too close to the festive decor, leading to a light-hearted moment of cleaning snow from Willow's fur.

This delightful glimpse into Willow's holiday adventures is part of the First Lady's innovative White House Advent Calendar series. Aimed at bringing the spirit of Christmas to life, especially for children, the series is being shared on Dr.

Biden's social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, X, and Threads. Willow's journey to the White House began in January 2022, after she made a memorable impression on Dr. Biden during a 2020 campaign stop in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, the First Lady's hometown.

The farm cat's spontaneous appearance on stage and her immediate connection with Dr. Biden led the farm's owner to realize that Willow was destined to be with the First Family.

2023 White House Holiday Splendor

In a recent unveiling, Dr.

Biden revealed this year's White House holiday decorations, exuding a theme of childlike wonder. The decor is a sight to behold, featuring over 14,975 feet of ribbon, more than 350 candles, and in excess of 33,892 ornaments.

President Joe Biden and the First Lady, in their welcome letter for the 2023 White House Holiday Guide, described this year's theme as a reflection of how children experience the holiday season - with hearts open to the magic, wonder, and joy.

Visitors to the White House this holiday season can expect an enchanting experience, starting from the East Wing, where they will be greeted by the magical sight of a beautifully adorned Christmas tree, designed to evoke the joy of lying under a Christmas tree as a child.