Prince Harry's 'Wild' Party Joke Stuns 'Awkward' Teens

Duke of Beaufort Recalls Royal Mischief at Poolside

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's 'Wild' Party Joke Stuns 'Awkward' Teens
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In a captivating tale from Prince Harry's more carefree days, the Duke of Beaufort recently shared an amusing anecdote during an Oldie literary lunch, highlighting the royal's playful side. The story, set against the backdrop of a grand country mansion, unfolded around a large circular swimming pool during the 18th birthday celebration of the Duke's niece.

The event, initially characterized by the typical awkwardness of teenage gatherings, took an unexpected turn with the arrival of Prince Harry. The Duke of Suss-x, known for his spirited nature, spontaneously added a splash of excitement to the occasion.

In a moment of playful spontaneity, he playfully picked up one of the young guests and, without warning, tossed her into the pool. This unexpected act momentarily stunned the crowd, but it wasn't long before the atmosphere erupted into laughter and merriment.

Prince Harry's Playful Antics

Henry Somerset, the Duke of Beaufort, vividly described the scene, likening Prince Harry's actions to a truck driver efficiently loading bags of coal. One after another, the prince lifted the guests, sending them into the pool with surprise and laughter.

This festive display showcased a different side of the prince, resonating with the youthful spirit of the partygoers. However, the Duke of Beaufort's butler gently curtailed the spirited frolic. In a moment of etiquette, the butler stepped in, gently guiding Prince Harry away from the poolside antics.

This intervention, while seemingly abrupt, was met with an understanding that it was time for the party to return to its more conventional course. The Duke's recounting of this episode offered a glimpse into the less formal and more playful side of Prince Harry, a side that often remains hidden from the public eye.

Though surprising, his actions at the party were received with warmth and amusement, reflecting the prince's ability to connect with people of all ages, especially the young. This story, now shared with a broader audience, adds a layer of relatability and charm to the royal's public persona, showcasing his knack for bringing joy and laughter in unexpected ways.

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