Jason Momoa Urges Chris Hemsworth to Gear Up for 'Aquaman 2'

Jason Momoa shares insights on his rigorous training regimen

by Nouman Rasool
Jason Momoa Urges Chris Hemsworth to Gear Up for 'Aquaman 2'
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In an enlightening interview with Extra, Jason Momoa, known for his robust portrayal of Aquaman, shed light on his preparation for the upcoming sequel, 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom' Momoa, in a candid revelation, shared that he sought guidance from fellow actor and Marvel's Thor, Chris Hemsworth, to fine-tune his fitness regime for the anticipated movie.

Momoa expressed his admiration for Hemsworth's fitness platform, Centr, describing it as a comprehensive resource encompassing workouts, diet plans, and meditation practices. "It’s wonderful," Momoa acclaimed, acknowledging the platform's impact on his preparation.

Further, Momoa lauded Hemsworth, saying, "To me, he is the poster man for being in shape. He looks wonderful." This commendation highlights a mutual respect between the actors, transcending the boundaries of their respective superhero universes.

Addressing a TikTok video posted by Hemsworth, which humorously featured the Aquaman 2 suit with exaggerated muscle padding, Momoa clarified the air around their supposed rivalry. "There is no beef. He wins, he wins. That was supposed to be a joke,” he stated.

He emphasized their camaraderie, dispelling any rumors of a feud.

Fitness and Flexibility Focus

Momoa humorously remarked on their physical differences, saying, “We just get a kick out of it because I'm definitely not as big as him.

I have to wear a suit to be that big”. This lighthearted banter underscores the friendly dynamics between the two. Moreover, Momoa delved into his personal fitness approach for the film. He emphasized the importance of injury prevention and flexibility, which are crucial for executing demanding stunts.

“I enjoy the fighting aspect of it and training with the stuntmen, but it's more of just padding up and making sure that you're flexible,” he elaborated. 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom' is poised for a theatrical release on December 22.

The film promises to be a spectacle of high-octane action and compelling narrative, further solidifying Momoa's stature in the superhero realm. Fans are eagerly awaiting to witness the culmination of Momoa's diligent preparation and his collaboration with Hemsworth in shaping up for the role.

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