Kanye West Sparks New Race Controversy

Kanye West Challenges Racial Identity at Exclusive Event

by Nouman Rasool
Kanye West Sparks New Race Controversy
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Renowned American rapper Kanye West, currently in the spotlight for his budding romance with Bianca Censori, has recently stirred up a new wave of controversy with his latest remarks on race. During a private album listening event, West challenged the conventional perceptions of race, declaring, "We’re not Black!

We’re Indian." The exclusive gathering, which was held for the unveiling of his new album "Vultures," saw West, alongside singer Ty Dolla Sign, addressing a mixed audience of Black and white individuals. According to Metro UK, the rapper embarked on an impassioned discourse, questioning the historical and cultural identity of Black people.

"We're native American. How many of y’all grandmas got Indian in your family?" West asked the room, provoking a profound reflection on racial identity. West's bold assertion, "What happened to the Indian? Show me Black on the planet," further added to the intensity of the conversation.

This statement, coming from the influential music artist, has sparked debates across various platforms, inviting both support and criticism.

West's Bold Assertion

The event took an unexpected turn when West noticed a guest ceased filming him.

Upon learning that her phone battery had died, West retorted, "It’s because you think I sound crazy." Despite this accusation, others in attendance quickly came to his defense, with one reassuring him, "You’re talking truth." West's final remark, "We’re not Black.

Race was made up," encapsulates his provocative stance on the topic. As a father of four and a public figure, West's comments have a significant impact on his audience, often leading to widespread discussion and analysis. This latest declaration by Kanye West has reignited discussions on race, identity, and history, further cementing his reputation as a celebrity who frequently challenges societal norms and perceptions.

As the story unfolds, it continues to captivate and engage audiences, reflecting West's enduring influence in the cultural discourse.

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