Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney Star in 'Last Christmas'

Actors' Whimsical Tribute to Iconic Christmas Hit Unveiled

by Nouman Rasool
Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney Star in 'Last Christmas'
© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

As the holiday season approaches, Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are bringing a dose of festive nostalgia with a unique tribute to the classic Christmas hit "Last Christmas" by Wham! The dynamic duo, known for their ownership of the U.K.

football team Wrexham, have recreated the iconic single cover of the British musical duo, stirring excitement among fans and followers. Reynolds, 47, and McElhenney, 46, showcased their playful side by adopting the hairstyles and fashion of Wham!

members Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael from their 1986 cover image. This amusing transformation was revealed to the world on Monday when McElhenney shared the results on his Instagram page, and Reynolds echoed the sentiment by sharing the image on his Instagram Stories.

In a clever twist, the actors replaced the names of the original artists with their own beneath the striking black-and-white photo. They also paid homage to their beloved Wrexham football team by including the team's logo in the corner of the image.

Accompanying the post was a simple yet evocative caption featuring a Christmas tree emoji and the word "WREXHAM!"

Recreating Wham! Magic

But the duo didn't stop there. In a further nod to Wham!, Reynolds and McElhenney recreated the cover of "Fantastic," Wham!'s 1983 studio album.

They posed in leather jackets against a bold red background, with Reynolds' jacket stylishly undone and McElhenney sporting a mustache reminiscent of Ridgeley's look on the original cover. Adding to their series of tributes, the pair playfully replaced "Wham!" with "Wrexham!" at the top of the cover art, drawing a connection to their docuseries "Greetings from Wrexham." McElhenney, also known for his role in "Game of Thrones," further immersed his followers in this festive throwback by posting the pictures on his Instagram stories while the heartwarming strains of "Last Christmas" played in the background.

This creative homage by Reynolds and McElhenney not only celebrates the holiday spirit but also showcases their deep connection with their football team and fans. It's a delightful blend of nostalgia, humor, and sportsmanship, perfectly encapsulating the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

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