Patrick Dempsey Reflects on the 'Greatest Gift' from 'Grey's Anatomy'

Dempsey Champions Holistic Approach in Cancer Care Initiatives

by Zain ul Abedin
Patrick Dempsey Reflects on the 'Greatest Gift' from 'Grey's Anatomy'
© Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

In a recent interview on "Good Morning America," celebrated actor Patrick Dempsey, known for his iconic role in "Grey's Anatomy," shared profound insights into the influential impact of the medical drama, not only on his career but also on inspiring a generation of healthcare professionals.

Dempsey, who has recently been titled PEOPLE's 2023 S-xiest Man Alive, discussed the far-reaching effects of the series during the promotion of his new film, "Ferrari." Dempsey's journey with "Grey's Anatomy" transcends the confines of entertainment, as he credits the show for not only shaping his professional path but also for its role in motivating individuals to pursue careers in medicine.

“[Grey's Anatomy] has really inspired so many people to go into the medical profession," Dempsey reflected. He acknowledged the series as a catalyst for his current endeavors, including his role in "Ferrari" and his accolade as the Sexiest Man Alive.

Highlighting the show's influence, Dempsey remarked, "I think that's been the biggest gift coming out of that show, is to be able to do something positive and give back." This sentiment resonates deeply with his commitment to cancer care, a mission born out of his mother's battle with ovarian cancer.

Dempsey Center's Holistic Mission

Dempsey's dedication to cancer care led to the establishment of the Dempsey Center. The actor passionately described the center's mission: "to provide personalized and comprehensive cancer care at no cost." He emphasized its commitment to treating patients holistically, focusing on individual needs rather than solely on the disease.

The Dempsey Center's approach is grounded in thorough research and development of crucial drugs, with a keen attention to every detail concerning patient care. Dempsey underlined the center's holistic philosophy: "We don't treat the disease, we treat the person holistically with wrap-around care." The center's goal extends beyond Maine, aiming to set a standard in cancer care complementing traditional methods.

In his upcoming role in "Ferrari," set for release on December 25th, Dempsey steps into the shoes of Italian racing driver Piero Taruffi, alongside co-star Adam Driver. This role marks another milestone in Dempsey's diverse and impactful career, further cemented by his enduring legacy in "Grey's Anatomy" and his significant contributions to healthcare advocacy through the Dempsey Center.