Benny Blanco Praises 'Ideal' Selena Gomez as Girlfriend

Selena Gomez finds happiness in new romantic journey

by Zain ul Abedin
Benny Blanco Praises 'Ideal' Selena Gomez as Girlfriend
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In a delightful turn of events that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, Selena Gomez and renowned music producer Benny Blanco have confirmed their blossoming romance, sparking a wave of excitement across social media.

The confirmation, which came in December, has become a hot topic, particularly after a recent charming incident involving Blanco. Known for his mastery in the music realm, Blanco recently ventured into culinary arts by launching his new cookbook, "Wide Open." Promoting his latest endeavor, he shared a captivating cooking video on Instagram, featuring chef Olivia Tiedemann.

Amidst the culinary demonstration, which focused on a delectable crab dish, Tiedemann playfully broached the subject of Blanco's high-profile relationship, remarking, "We've all heard the news you have a super-hot girlfriend." Initially, the esteemed record producer shyly deflected, stating, "We're not talking about that." Yet, moments later, his demeanor softened, and with a smile, he expressed heartfelt admiration for Gomez, declaring, "She's perfect!"

Gomez's Joyful Revelation

This public acknowledgment of their relationship marks a significant moment for both celebrities, particularly for Gomez, who has historically maintained a private stance regarding her personal life.

A source close to the "Lose You to Love Me" songstress shared with US Weekly, "Selena hasn’t felt this happy about anybody she’s dated in a really long time." The insider elaborated on the depth of their connection, adding, "Selena and Benny are truly in love and although she has kept most people she’s dated under wraps, with Benny, she couldn’t wait to reveal they were together." Furthermore, the relationship has received an outpouring of support from Gomez's family.

The insider revealed, "Selena’s family absolutely approves of this relationship and they’re thrilled to see her so happy and in love." The news of this enchanting partnership has not only thrilled fans but also shed light on the personal joys of these two prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

As they navigate their journey together, the public eagerly watches, wishing them happiness and love in their newfound connection.

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