Colin Jost's Awkward 'SNL' Joke About Scarlett Johansson

SNL's Colin Jost delivers a bold punchline on-air

by Zain ul Abedin
Colin Jost's Awkward 'SNL' Joke About Scarlett Johansson
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In a recent episode of "Saturday Night Live," Colin Jost, renowned comedian and co-anchor of the "Weekend Update" segment, found himself in a humorous yet slightly uncomfortable situation. Jost, married to the acclaimed actress Scarlett Johansson since 2020, with whom he shares a two-year-old son, faced a comical challenge during the show's renowned joke swap segment.

This episode marked the final airing of the year for the long-standing show, and it did not disappoint. Jost, along with his co-host Michael Che, engaged in a spirited exchange of roasts, a tradition that fans eagerly anticipate.

Known for their sharp wit and fearless comedy, the duo upheld their reputation, delivering a series of biting and humorous jabs.

Jost's Daring SNL Joke

The segment's highlight came when Che presented Jost with a particularly edgy joke involving Johansson.

The audience watched as Jost, visibly squirming, delivered a line that was as unexpected as it was humorous. "New York State now allows movie theaters to serve alcohol, which is how I'm finally able to enjoy my wife's little art movies," Jost quipped, provoking an eruption of laughter from the crowd.

He quickly followed up with a playful remark, "I'm kidding, honey. I love all of your movies and if you ask me, you're an even better Black Widow than Coretta Scott King." This reference to the late wife of Martin Luther King Jr.

added a layer of daring humor to the joke. The segment took a further twist when Che introduced a guest to sit beside Jost as he delivered this line, adding to the comedic tension of the moment. This bold move symbolized the show's willingness to push boundaries in pursuit of laughter.

Social media buzzed with reactions from fans who thoroughly enjoyed the interplay between the two comedians. Comments ranged from admiring the daring nature of the jokes to appreciating the duo's undeniable chemistry. One viewer remarked on the audaciousness of the segment, saying, "They didn't hold back on this one.

Those two are comedy gold. We need more of this." Such moments exemplify the enduring appeal of "Saturday Night Live" - its ability to blend topical humor with playful banter, all while featuring some of the most beloved figures in entertainment.

As Jost and Che continue to navigate the fine line between comedy and controversy, they remind us of the power of laughter to unite and entertain.

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