Coleen Nolan upset as son splits from wife due to infidelity


Coleen Nolan upset as son splits from wife due to infidelity
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Allegedly, Coleen Nolan from Loose Women is said to be deeply saddened by reports of her son, Shane Richie Jr, parting ways with his wife, Miss Great Britain. In an interview with The Sun, an anonymous source revealed that Coleen was upset because she did not expect such a thing to happen. Coleen had enormous respect and love for Maddie.

"It’s sad the relationship has come to an abrupt end so soon after they tied the knot. Coleen is really upset as she adored Maddie and sees her as another daughter. She is disappointed to see history repeating itself. It’s a case of like father, like son." -an anonymous source told The Sun, as quoted by Dailystar!

Coleen faced a similar situation when Shane cheated on her. She spoke openly about it five years ago, highlighting the immense love she had for Shane. However, looking at it from this perspective, Collen regrets not leaving.

"I thought it was a blip and we’d have counselling and everything would be fine. If I could go back, I’d leave. I stayed two years too long. But I was massively in love with him. To me, there was nothing missing in our relationship."

Collen Nolan: He said he doesn’t really understand what happened

Even though her husband was sorry for what happened, the situation couldn't be fixed. Coleen sensed his intention behind it and stayed in the marriage for an additional "two years." Eventually, she came to the conclusion that ending the marriage was the right decision.

"He’s said that too. He said he doesn’t really understand what happened. Well, he does — he wanted to have his cake and eat it. I loved him, but in the end I thought I’m not one of those women who keeps turning a blind eye I think we’ve done OK. We’ve stayed good friends."